First Thursday Fun Rides & First Friday ArtRides: Rules of the Ride

Lord Ganesh Rides a BikeAfter we had so much fun doing a Santacon on bikes in December 2008, some of us decided we wanted to do a monthly ride. In February 2009 we started meeting on the First Fridays to ride through downtown and the westside of Ventura to visit the art galleries staying open late.

We discovered we’re not the only ones doing regular themed rides for fun. Rides like this happen on a regular basis in cities across the country, including First Thursdays in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo where rides have been happening since 2000.

We don’t have a permit for this ride because we rely on our right to peacefully assemble. When we ride we become traffic and abide by the laws of traffic.

If you choose to join us for a ride we ask that you follow three simple rules: Have fun, respect our community, and obey all traffic laws. We charge everyone on the ride to help encourage others to abide by these rules.

To restate: these are not critical mass rides or a even critical manners rides but a courtesy mass ride.

We’re out to generate goodwill for cyclists and cycling, and to have a great time!

Whether you dust off your old cruiser or bring out your pricey pride and joy, we ride because we like to get people on their bikes and to have fun. It’s even more fun if you dress up with us, but that’s not a requirement.

If you’d like to join us on our next social on wheels, bring your bike to the Ventura Beach Promenade. We meet up at 5:30pm and ride by 6pm. We ride until about 7:30 or 8pm when we often gather for food and more merriment.Fir

3 Comments on “First Thursday Fun Rides & First Friday ArtRides: Rules of the Ride”

  1. Yardsaledan says:

    Awesome to see that others are embracing a non-adversarial bike-ride attitude too. It’s so much more fun to see people smiling at your bike ride than giving you the finger.

  2. art predator says:

    So true!! Yes, we’re all about generating goodwill toward cyclists and cycling. I am convinced that dressing up and riding around having FUN is the BEST way to encourage cycling and to create a bike friendly community.

    I hope we’ll see you on a ride! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  3. art predator says:

    Ganesh on the bike, by the way, came from this artist:

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