Is Bikergo Gal a Cycle Chic?

I just discovered Cycle Chic. They seem to be popping up all over. It started in Copenhagen (no surprise there!) and has spread to cities throughout the United States and elsewhere.

Do you want to band with us? I hope so! Looks like good fun to me!

Learn more about the original Cycle Chic in Copenhagen here, about SoCal Cycle Chic here,   LA Cycle chic here, and Sacramento more and SF more and more! Yes, there are hundreds of women out there riding in skirts and heels annd whatever a gal feels like wearing! Yippee! There’s a huge community of like-minded folk out there!

One Comment on “Is Bikergo Gal a Cycle Chic?”

  1. Christa says:

    Yes, Ventura Cycle Chic !

    I started blogging about SoCal Cycle Chic earlier this year. When I mention Cycle Chic in SoCal, everyone is shocked and confused. I feel like an evangelist.

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