Yes, Virginia, there is a(nother) Santacon! 12/20 at 12:30

Yes, Virginia, there will be another Ventucky Santacon: Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009 at 12:30!

If you went on Friday’s Santacon Ride, you knew it was sooo much fun that we just can’t wait a whole year before going on another one! (Please post pictures or send them to me!! This Santa was too busy to take many! Watch for Santas on bikes in the Voice!)

But too many of you couldn’t make it or get your Santa suit on in time so we decided to host a SECOND SANTACON this season: Winter Solstice Santacon Sunday Dec. 20 Rides at 12:30!

Park your car/meet at noon at the San Jon Road Maintenance Yard in Ventura near Chrisman and Thompson. We ride at 12:30!!

We’ve got some fun stops planned: we’ll ride first to the Ventura Harbor then downtown. You can make it a long ride by joining us for the whole thing or a short ride by meeting up with us along the way.

Don’t have a bike? Meet us at the harbor (we’ll be the ones dressed like you in Santa suits!) and ride the trolley to downtown and back! You can even put your bike on the trolley if you’re too tuckered out or had too much holiday cheer!

Please join the San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club on facebook using this link.

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