Rudolph, the non-conforming reindeer, leads the way! Santacon 12/20

Ever think about how Santa was a real jerkoff in the children’s classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

Well, take a minute. Consider how Rudolph is unappreciated and laughed at AND there’s a whole island of sad misfit toys!

It has come to my attention that the North Pole has become a hotbed for intolerance over the years. I believe that I have pinpointed the source of this lack of understanding. Santa Claus himself appears to be the catalyst for the effects plaguing this area. Santa, by his example, has made clear that individuals considered “misfits” should be taunted and bullied. Let us look at the list of offenders.

Check out the rest of the above critique of conformity in Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer:

Then join a slew of Santas who appreciate the Rudolphs among us!

You’ll find this Ms. Claus on her pink bikergo Sunday 12/20 at 12:30 along the Ventura Bike Path and San Jon Road then heading south to the Ventura Harbor. Join us on the Carousel at 2pm. Next we’ll head to Aloha and then downtown to Watermark, Good, and maybe Bombay.

We do insist however that if you want to roll with Santa, you gotta dress like Santa–or other denizens of the North Pole (reindeer, elves, bears, Christmas trees, etc). It’s not about conformity, really–it’s about making a really BIG impression! Deck the halls of your bike too–bells, whistles, drums, you name it, sounds good!

You can find yourself a Merry Little Santacon here. Here’s how to make a costume, download carols, and in general prepare for a Santacon. Find a Santa Con near you here.

By the way, I bet Rudolph would have a bikergo. I think he’d like a green one.

PS Thanks to Burning Moms for sharing this link about Rudolph with me last holiday season!

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