Feed the Homeless & Hungry: Burrito by Bike in LA & Santa Barbara

Winter is a tough time for lots of people.

While the days are finally getting longer, it’s cold, it’s rainy and it’s wet.

If you’re like me, you want to curl up at home with a good book. You don’t want to be competing with cars on a  bicycle commute home.

Worse, you don’t want to commute to no home.

To help the homeless and the hungry in LA and Santa Barbara and other places, bicyclists are building burritos and delivering them by bike.

You can help too. Here’s how to feed the homeless and hungry by bicycle on Christmas eve in Santa Barbara: The Bicycle Burrito Project in Santa Barbara will meet up at Cranky’s Bikes on State St.  You can find out more on their facebook page or just show up with burritos in your pockets.

Find or create a Burrito Project near you! And if you do, let me know about it so I can post here to invite people to help.

This Santa’s Not Riding In The Rain

Because of the inclement weather SantaCon 2 is cancelled. It has been rescheduled for the First Friday in June when Santa has some time to relax  by the beach.

It is entirely possible that some Santas may gather in downtown Ventura today for carousing, caroling, music, and mayhem. Music at the Watermark would be the most likely target.

This family of Santas is likely going to sit out SantaCon 2 and stay home and dry. There’s lots of toys to be made in the workshop, cookies to be baked and an ugly sweater party to prepare for.

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See you next year!

Ventucky SantaCon 2: Will it be a Skunk Ride?

Here are more photos from SantaCon 1 and how to prepare for SantaCon 2 including how to make a Santa Suit, the SantaCon songbook, and where we’re going to go (if it’s not raining too much!)

Ventucky SantaCon 2: Singing in the Rain?  Gwendolyn Lawrence AlleyDecember 18, 2010 at 12:42pm Subject: Save Santa! A SantaCon Bicycle Ride in the rain? It is pouring rain here in Ventucky and the forecast for tomorrow is MORE RAIN! So whatcha gonna do?   This is NOT a Santa Skunk ride (you know how you get that stripe down your back when  you ride a bike when it’s been raining?) Ms Claus does not want mud marks all over Santa’s suit so close to Christmas Eve!  Even if Santa’s … Read More

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Must Be SantaCon: Photos From 2010 FFArtRide

Looking for SantaCon info and photos? Here are a few of my iPhone photos from our third Save Santa SantaCon held on the First Friday of December; more photos to come!

Thinking about leading your own ride? It’s easy and fun!

Stay tuned for a link on how to make your own Santa Suit using a thrift store red sweatshirt, fur, and a glue gun!

Must Be SantaCon Part 1: Photos From Save Santa First Friday ArtRide December 2010 It wasn’t as cold as the North Pole on First Friday December 2010, but it was cold enough for this group of Santas to bundle up in our Santa best for our third First Friday ArtRide and SantaCon. Here’s a few photos by me and the story; more photos by Daniel Boggs to come! We gathered as usual for our FFArtRide on the Ventura Beach Promenade and California Street. Some Santas watched the sunset while others watched their drinks empty at Aloha’s ba … Read More

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San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club in the news (via art predator)

Our ArtRides made the news this week! Check the story out!

PS Do you have your Santa suit ready for Sunday’s Save Santa: Ride Your Bike SantaCon ArtRide? Details on how to make yours to follow plus photos from the SantaCon First Friday ArtRide two weeks ago!

San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club in the news Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Alex Wilson of the Ventura Country Reporter joined the San Buenaventura ArtRiders “Revenge of the Nerds” ArtRide in November and wrote about the rides and our mission in this week’s paper!  Read More

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Star Trek Meets SteamPunk with Chekov & Sulu on Bicycles!

Here’s a laugh for you Star Trek and SteamPunk fan–Sulu and Chekov with their Victorian era bicycles!

And here are more retronaut images…

Maybe we should be doing a Tweed Ride for January…What do you think our next theme should be? Are we up for doing Retronaut?

How About A New Bike for SantaCon 2010?

This Friday, December 3, the San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club invites you to our third annual SantaCon Save Santa ArtRide!

Meet at 5:30pm for cocktails and other frivolity at the Ventura Beach Promenade. Look for Santa at Aloha’s Bar.

Ride 6pm We’ll probably get as far as the Artists Union Gallery located right next to the bar at Aloha.

Next we’ll be heading down the promenade then up Figeroa to WAV and then to Bell Arts.

We’ll cruise Main and maybe make it over to the galleries on Laurel, maybe not.

Stay tuned for details on the after party!

bikergo gal applies for TEDWomen in DC

I help women get out of their cars and onto their bicycles to improve their health AND the health of our planet. I want women to see that cycling is fun, safe and family friendly, that bicycles can be comfortable, easy to operate, and carry children as well as groceries.  In my regular mom’s body, without fancy clothes or gear, I show women how it’s done. I’d like to bring my bike and share photographs of the rides I lead to spread the word of women led and organized bike rides.

Those are the 100 characters where I describe my “Big Idea” in my application to speak at TEDWomen’s conference in Washington DC Dec. 7 and 8; organizers are offering an all-expense paid chance to attend.

While I’d love to attend and participate, if I’m not selected, writing my application was a great exercise into putting what I’m doing and why into words.

Women on Bikes Meet 9am Thursdays at MOB

This morning at Jodi Womack’s No More Nylons Business Social at the Oaks in Ojai, I learned from Lana that there’s a new ride around and it’s for women only!

Every Thursday (except Thanksgiving) meet at the Meiners Oaks Bike Shop for a ride around town together followed by a gathering for those inclined and with time. Throw your kid in the trailer or on your bike–it’s family friendly!

Lana is lots of fun and I bet she’s a great leader too. I look forward to joining with her during winter break when my son is out of school.

And she’s planning on joining our ArtRides, too! Yay for more rides!

If you’ve got a ride that you want to share, let me know and I’ll post about it here. I’ll also put the link up on the San Buenaventura ArtRiders facebook page.

You can also post there too!

LA Critical Mass & LAPD Clash

So far our ArtRides in Ventura haven’t garnered much attention from the police.

Probably because there are usually 20-50 of us, not 2000-2500 of us like in San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Although I wouldn’t go so far as to say we do a “critical manners” ride, we’re not doing a “true” critical mass ride.

We’re keen to generate good will, not ill will.

We dress up. We smile. We wave.

We stop and interact with people.

We have kids riding with us.

There aren’t so many of us that it’s necessary to “cork” a street in order to move through; stopping at lights together is a fun way to catch up.

People smile and wave back.

We pass out flyers about future rides. We promote bicycling.

Because the LACM has gotten so big and because there have been significant problems between riders and LAPD, now the LAPD is escorting the ride. Evidently, the officers on bicycles get it, while the motorcycle cops are using excessive force–and undermining the direction of the bicycle officers.

Granted, often it seems bicyclists in a group can get a reckless attitude. That’s because there IS added safety in the flock.

Read more about the conflicts during the October Critical Mass Ride: http://la.streetsblog.org/2010/11/01/critical-mass-rides-west-more-problems-with-escort/

Please join our ArtRide this Friday November 5: Revenge of the Nerds!! After party at Zoey’s on Santa Clara at Figueroa!

December 3 it’s our third annual Santacon!

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