Get Your Tickets Now to Join My Favorite Ride: Burning Man!

I live near the beach so you’d think cruising along the coast would be my favorite ride. But no–my best ride is anywhere at Burning Man.

I first rode out there in 1995 on my friend Marialyce’s bike. It was my second time to Burning Man and I thought I was experienced. But between my first burn in 1992 and my second burn in 1995, Black Rock City grew from a population of 600 people camped casually around and a small city of 6,000 spread randomly apart and you needed a bike to get around and see everything and find people. Every year since, I have been grateful for my bike and found great pleasure and pleasures riding around Black Rock City.

Possibly my best ride EVER at Burning Man occurred last year on Friday night in 2009 when I was waiting for the Rocket to go off and I first experienced a bikergo.

“Marie” looks like she’s having a good time on her bike ride in BRC last year too.

PHOTO: Dan Adams


Tickets for Burning Man 2010 “The Metropolis” are on sale now. Learn more about Burning Man ticket sales here and here.


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  1. Good site yours sincerely, Leonila Ortez

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