what color bikergo do you like best?

Last year at Burning Man my son’s Trek bike went on its last ride: the pedal broke and it just didn’t make sense for us to fix it when he was due for a new, bigger, geared bike. He’d had this one for nearly 3 years–from age 3 to almost 6.

Of course a month later when I came home with a pink bikergo, he wanted one. But bikergo do not come cheap: the parts are high-end–kevlar tires, chain guard, 9 speed grip shift, great design, original cushy seat, and more.

On the otherhand, since on a bikergo the seat and the handlebars are adjustable, the bike would grow with him–he woudn’t need another bike for a number of years.

We did test ride a number of bikes and he found one he liked at Open Air. Given a choice of that bike right away at Christmas, or waiting for a bikergo, he chose to be patient.

Well, I hate to say it, but here it is February and my son is still being patient. Very patient. If anything, I’m the impatient one–I want to go for bike rides with him like we used to and the trailabike hook-up isn’t on my bike!!

We did spend some time trying to figure out what color he wants for his bikergo and his grips. If you go to the bikergo site, you’ll see the bike comes in mango yellow, sky blue, teal green (pictured), and hot pink. Pink was obviously out. And since the bikergo doesn’t come in red, he went for his second favorite color, green, even though he really admired the sunny golden yellow hue of the mango bike. His grips he wants in a pattern: green on each end with blue then yellow then one green in the middle.

Just writing this makes me want to jump in the old westfalia and drive on up there to finally get him his bike!


One Comment on “what color bikergo do you like best?”

  1. Martin Fortin says:

    Is this bike still available since I got no answer from the manufacturer??

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