The Church of the Granny Bike

I stumbled on the Church of the Granny Bike’s blog today–love it! Go check it out! Among other finds is a link to this pledge:


*be a safe and considerate bicyclist.

*respect the rights of pedestrians, motorists and fellow bicyclists.

*follow the rules of the road.

*ride my bike on the street and walk my bike on the sidewalk.

*use front and rear lights when bicycling from dusk until dawn.

*not lock my bike to trees.

*be predictable and visible to all road users.

*stay calm and collected in times of traffic conflict.

*follow trail etiquette when riding on multi-use trails.

*not wear headphones or use my cell phone while riding.

*wear a helmet.

*encourage my friends and family to ride more often.

*smile and enjoy my ride.

Watch the I Bike PHL Pledge Video

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