Gearing Up for STEAMPUNK ArtRides April 2 & 18: check out THIS bicycle!

Since we decided to do a Steampunk theme for our April ArtRides to celebrate the reINVENTiveness and reCREATiveness and reCYCLEness of Earth month, I’ve been poking around the inter-web searching for all things Steampunk.

But this photo came to me from one of the Burning Moms who is friends with the rider of this amazing bicycle, Raina Woolfolk.

Not only is Raina a rider of stunning Steampunk Bicycles and wearing of Steampunk garb, but she is also a talented artist and jeweler, on sale in her esty store.

And what am I going to wear? Still working on it! I do know that I will be riding my bikergo; however, I have some ideas on ways to Steampunk it out!

I’ll have something ready corsetty and Victorian-esque to wear for the First Friday ArtRide, Friday April 2, which meets at the Artists Union at 5:30pm and leaves there at 6pm. I may even have something different to wear for the ArtWalk Sunday ArtRide April 18 which meets at 1:30pm at the Artists Union and leaves at 2pm. That ArtRide ends at Bell Arts Factory, 432 N. Ventura Ave at 4pm for Project Green Runway: Steampunk ReCycle Fashion Show and afterparty with beer donated by Ventura’s Anacapa Brewery.

Rides are free but we accept donations! Children are welcome; they need helmets and to be accompanied by an adult. Children under 8 need to ride WITH an adult.


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