July 2 ArtRide: Ventucky Vice

Somehow it’s July already which means it’s time to gear up for this month’s ArtRide tomorrow Friday July 2. We meet at 5:30pm outside the Artists Union located at the ocean end of California Street in Ventura. At about 6pm, we ride around town to various galleries and art studios. This month’s theme is Ventucky Vice. Bring a cup for beer and money to donate, and headlights for the way home.

Ventucky Vice? What does that mean? What do you wear for Ventucky Vice? Where did this theme come from anyway?

We were kicking around ideas on facebook fanpage for the San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club as well as messages and email. Since we did Boogie Nights (70s) in May, someone suggested 80s, then  Miami Vice, and someone suggested Ventucky, and so Ventucky Vice was born.

One of the reasons it makes sense as a theme is because we’re holding the afterparty at Art City which has been basically closed down for several years due to code violations and is finally code compliant. So it’s independence day for Art City from the Ventura Vice squad which has been breathing down Paul Lindhard’s neck looking for infractions!

I have to admit that I have no idea what I am going to wear. I lived through the 80s, sure, and I was even here in town some in the early 80s, but I never watched the show Miami Vice.

I know what Ventucky means to me, but I still don’t even know what to recommend or what to expect! This one is WIDE open to interpretation! What does Ventucky Vice mean to you?

For some inspiration, I found this Miami Vice video which is full of images of Don Johnson in pinks and turquoise and white suits riding in fast cars and boats. Maybe think pimps, drug lords, men in white suits with pink shirts, poofy hair and padded shoulders, and babes in bikinis all racing around on bicycles and maybe with a country California beach sensibility?

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