Celebrating Independence with a Fossil Fuel Free Ride

Thinking about Independence Day reminded me of last year’s July First Friday ArtRide–The Fossil Fuel Free Ride. So here’s a quick ride down memory lane with photos by Mark Mathews. The August 2010 theme is the same as the Ventura County Fair’s–“Western Nights & Carnival Lights” and we ride First Friday and the next morning we’ll ride in the fair parade. Join us!

Celebrating Independence Above is a Muppet version of celebrating Independence Day; and here's the FFArtRiders version: On the "Fossil Fuel Free Ride" July 3, we visited Bell Arts up the Avenue, Sylvia White and V2 in midtown, and Art City back near the Avenue. I was too busy keeping the ride rolling and neglected to get photos; fortunately, Mark was able to shoot while we rode! After the ride, we picked up hot dogs, c … Read More

via art predator

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