Ventura’s Push’em Pull’em Parade (via art predator)

Looking for a Fourth of July “ride”? If you’re around Ventura, grab a kid and head over to Main Street and push, pull, ride along or stroll Main from Chrisman to the Street Fair.

Ventura's 4th Offers Push'em Pull'em Parade for Kids & Their Families Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we'll walk up our street to Main in midtown and join the throngs of families for this year's Push'em Pull'em Parade. Park at the San Jon Road City Maintenance yard and join us! Our son has been in this human scale, human propelled parade since he was eight months old so this will be his 7th trip down Main. When I asked him if he wanted to be in it this year, he said "Of course!" Sponsored by the Ventura East Ro … Read More

via art predator

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