LA Critical Mass & LAPD Clash

So far our ArtRides in Ventura haven’t garnered much attention from the police.

Probably because there are usually 20-50 of us, not 2000-2500 of us like in San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Although I wouldn’t go so far as to say we do a “critical manners” ride, we’re not doing a “true” critical mass ride.

We’re keen to generate good will, not ill will.

We dress up. We smile. We wave.

We stop and interact with people.

We have kids riding with us.

There aren’t so many of us that it’s necessary to “cork” a street in order to move through; stopping at lights together is a fun way to catch up.

People smile and wave back.

We pass out flyers about future rides. We promote bicycling.

Because the LACM has gotten so big and because there have been significant problems between riders and LAPD, now the LAPD is escorting the ride. Evidently, the officers on bicycles get it, while the motorcycle cops are using excessive force–and undermining the direction of the bicycle officers.

Granted, often it seems bicyclists in a group can get a reckless attitude. That’s because there IS added safety in the flock.

Read more about the conflicts during the October Critical Mass Ride:

Please join our ArtRide this Friday November 5: Revenge of the Nerds!! After party at Zoey’s on Santa Clara at Figueroa!

December 3 it’s our third annual Santacon!

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