This Santa’s Not Riding In The Rain

Because of the inclement weather SantaCon 2 is cancelled. It has been rescheduled for the First Friday in June when Santa has some time to relax  by the beach.

It is entirely possible that some Santas may gather in downtown Ventura today for carousing, caroling, music, and mayhem. Music at the Watermark would be the most likely target.

This family of Santas is likely going to sit out SantaCon 2 and stay home and dry. There’s lots of toys to be made in the workshop, cookies to be baked and an ugly sweater party to prepare for.

Please subscribe here at bikergo and go like The San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club to stay apprised of Santa’s doings in the coming year because each month Santa does organize a ride to create Christmas cheer all year round.

See you next year!

2 Comments on “This Santa’s Not Riding In The Rain”

  1. Stevie B says:

    This Santa showed up in the rain. It was pretty miserable so I think the head Santa made a good call here.

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