Ventucky SantaCon 2: Will it be a Skunk Ride?

Here are more photos from SantaCon 1 and how to prepare for SantaCon 2 including how to make a Santa Suit, the SantaCon songbook, and where we’re going to go (if it’s not raining too much!)

Ventucky SantaCon 2: Singing in the Rain?  Gwendolyn Lawrence AlleyDecember 18, 2010 at 12:42pm Subject: Save Santa! A SantaCon Bicycle Ride in the rain? It is pouring rain here in Ventucky and the forecast for tomorrow is MORE RAIN! So whatcha gonna do?   This is NOT a Santa Skunk ride (you know how you get that stripe down your back when  you ride a bike when it’s been raining?) Ms Claus does not want mud marks all over Santa’s suit so close to Christmas Eve!  Even if Santa’s … Read More

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