Celebrate Year of the Cat: The Pink Panther Rides Again Tonight!

Did you know that as of Wednesday it is the Year of the Cat as celebrated by the Vietnamese?

So get your cat on and join us tonight at 530pm! You’ll find us in Aloha or on the Ventura Beach Promenade. Around 6pm, we’ll see what’s happening at the Artists Union then prowl around town stopping at art galleries and studios! Our last stop will be the El Jardin Courtyard where we will have beer that Anacapa Brewery has donated. Bring your own mug and some money to donate for food and beer.

Remember you need lights for your bike–it’s dark by 630pm!

New Year Ceremony for Year of the Cat With the arrival of the new moon comes the celebration of the New Year for many Asians and Buddhists–and the arrival of the Jade Buddha in Ventura! This year is the “Year of the Cat” and the local Buddhist Temple, the An-Lac Mission, is commemorating the occasion with a series of events tonight and in the coming month with a visit by the very special Jade Buddha. Read more about the Jade Buddha here. Here’s the schedule: AN LAC BUDDHIST MISSION: … Read More

via art predator

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