Is this too risque for our next ArtRide poster?

titter by brownstone_cookie
titter, a photo by brownstone_cookie on Flickr.

Think this image is too risque for our next ArtRide poster? The theme is 50s Dance Party…what about calling it the Greaser’s Bicycle Ball?

Please post in the comments–no or go!

I would LOVE to have some help with making flyers and distributing them! Any volunteers?

6 Comments on “Is this too risque for our next ArtRide poster?”

  1. Stephen says:

    No–just right! Do you know how I can get on the Bike Plan Advisory Committee?

    Thank you and see you soon,


  2. John says:

    Funny, yes.
    Appropriate? No

  3. Rachel Morris says:

    It’s pretty out there. Especially the “Titter” part. Wonder if we could change the text. The other problem – none of us look like that.

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