Fun New “People for Bikes” Night Ride Video; Full Moon Ride Tonight!

While I love this People for Bikes video myself for many reasons,  many commenters about the video on their facebook page and on YouTube noticed and bemoan the lack of helmets on riders and lack of lights on bikes. While helmets are a choice for those over 18 in California, riding without a light at night is illegal in California and dangerous.

Without head and tail lights and reflectors, drivers and pedestrians don’t see you–and you can’t see obstructions either. That’s why on our ArtRides we remind people over and over to  LIGHT YOUR BIKE! 

Speaking of ArtRides, the next one is June 3 “Summer Solstice Seersucker Social & Santacon.” Here’s the seersucker -1 pdf flyer in progress to download. Many thanks to Zanna for helping with this!

Tonight is the Full Moon Ride! Meet at 8pm, Mission Park in downtown at Main and Figueroa; ride leaves soon after and travels as a group to Ventura College 4667  Telegraph Road and loops back.  Some riders will bring extra red taillights; if you want to buy one, bring $4 to the ride.


One Comment on “Fun New “People for Bikes” Night Ride Video; Full Moon Ride Tonight!”

  1. On their twitter feed, “People for Bikes” says, “We absolutely agree that people should use lights and ride safely. This is an artistic interpretation.”

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