Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Creative, Be Lit!

This is a great invention for bicycle lighting. Bright LED lights circle the rim of both tires in the example shown in the video. As the cyclist rolls slow, the lights are red; at cruising speed, the lights glow white.

If you ride at dawn or dusk or night, by law and by common sense, you must light your bike with head and tail lights. For fun and for safety, I strongly recommend additional lights on your bike.If you’re heading to the Burning Man Festival, remember that the desert is a dark and dangerous place and you must provide your own lights.

We require all ArtRiders to light their bikes with the legally required lights. If you’re an adult, the helmet choice is yours. But having lots of lights makes it safer for all of us.

See you on Friday for the Seersucker Social and Santacon! Costumes are optional-but lights are not!

PS Thanks to Helen for sharing this with me!

5 Comments on “Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Creative, Be Lit!”

  1. On my bike I not only have lights on the spokes but my helmet too. Here’s a video of it in action:

  2. Stevie B says:

    Is the Art Ride tonight? I will try to see you there!

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