Ride of Passage: Naked Bike Ride Pub Crawl at Burning Man Weds 8/31 11am

Black Rock City, Nevada, the temporary city of 50-60,000 people that pops up every year for 25 years around Labor Day in the Black Rock Desert, is the perfect place for a Naked Bike Ride.

Fortunately, one is planned for Wednesday, August 31, 2011–Lord Ganesha’s birthday! Meet at 11:00AM at the Man to ride around for a few hours so bring plenty of water and some snacks!

Where did the name “Ride of Passage” come from? The Burning Man Festival theme for this year: “Rites of Passage.”  For more info (and to see photos from last year!: http://www.dragondebris.com/brc_pubcrawl.htm)

I’m going to try to make the ride but there’s a lot of distractions out there! Right now, Wednesday morning my son and I are going on a quest!

If you see me on the playa, ask for a sticker of Ganesh riding a bicycle! If you’re not going to the playa, send me a letter with a SASE and I’ll send you one in the mail:

Gwendolyn Alley aka Bikergo Gal
Art Predator’s Camp
5:30 & Divorce
c/o BRC Post Office
Gerlach, NV.89412

Back to School ArtRide September 2

The San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club invites you to a Back to School First Friday ArtRide September 2, 2011!

Shine your shoes, slick your hair, grab your pencil box, put on your school uniform (white shirt and slacks for boys, pleated skirts for girls of course!), fill your Scooby Doo lunchbox and put it all in your Bakugan backpack!

And don’t forget your helmet! (Pocket protectors optional.)

Meet 530pm Ventura Beach Promenade at Aloha & Artists Union Gallery

Ride 6pm to galleries and open studios

Free! Family friendly!

Thanks Zanna for making the flyer! Download it, share, it! Here’s the SeptArtRide2011

Next month: Calling all wizards to the Gothtober Quidditch Ride! Let’s show those Muggles how we roll!

PS Don’t look for me or wait for me! I’ll be in Nevada at Burning Man! Send me mail & a SASE & I’ll send you cool stuff!

Bike Party at Patagonia Ventura on Sunday

Join the Ventura Bicycle Union, Patagonia, MOB, and Seth Horton,  trials stunt cyclist, for BIKE WORKS this Sunday, August 28 from 11:00am to 1:00pm at Patagonia’s Great Pacific Ironworks (parking lot to the left) 235 W. Santa Clara St. Ventura. The event is free and open to all adults and kids.

Activities include socializing with other cyclists, finding out about bicycle issues and rides and these scheduled events:

·        11:00  MOB (Meiners Oak Bike Shop)  – Simple Basic bike repair clinic

·        11:20ish  “Trials” demo  (as in stunt bike riding)

·        11-1   Bring your bike and have one of VBU’s mechanics show you how to do a simple repair on it.

·        11-1  Bring your head and have one of our volunteers make sure your helmet fits (free kids helmets too!!).

·        11-1  Learn about bike actions and tell us your interests in a community bike shop and more…

·        Way cool prizes and gifts including kid helmets, Patagonia products, Clif bars, and certificates for Road ID bracelets.

So ride on over and check it out!

Brad Titzer Is Riding His Bike From Kentucky to Burning Man in Nevada

According to Google maps, it would take me two days to bicycle 560 miles from here to where Burning Man is being in Black Rock City Nevada. Since it takes 11 hours to drive, that doesn’t seem to bad.


If you want to shake his hand, or send him a postcard, he plans to arrive at his camp Salon Soleil Monday or Tuesday.

Here’s how to write him a letter of congratulations:

Brad Titzer
Salon Soleil
Burning Man
Gerlach, NV 89412

Or send him a “Playagram”

The BRCPO 2.Oh in The Black Rock City International Post Office Village, 9:00 Plaza, wants everyone to send E-Mail Playagrams! This is how:

“Send messages to your friends, enemies, campmates, family and even strangers at Burning Man.  Follow the directions at http://brcpo2oh.weebly.com/e-mail-playagrams.html and  the hard working Posties of the BRCPO 2.Oh, will tirelessly comb Black Rock City to find your dusty Burner loved/hated one and deliver your carefully planned, 120 character, text message sized e-mail playagram!  Send your message by Tuesday, August 30th, at 11:00PM PST and send the best playa gift you can send without ordering an O-gram directly from our camp in the 9:00 Plaza.  (Which we highly recommend.)  If you want to be more certain your e-mail playagram is received, you should suggest to them that they swing by the BRCIPOV (across 9:00 from Ice-9 in the 9:00 Plaza) for their gift from you.  Please note that E-Mail Playagrams should absolutely not be used to convey urgent or emergency messages.  The BRCPO 2.Oh cannot guarantee delivery.  E-mail Playagrams are for entertainment purposes only, mostly our own, but if you or your recipient have fun that that’s cool too.

In addition to E-Mail Playagrams, patented O-Grams and good ol’ fashioned playa mail, the BRCIPOV also has Ritual Delivery Services, Eurotrash, The Portrait Passage post card making, a very special events USPS cancelation stamp for all off-playa mail and more.  Check out all the ways you can go Postal at http://brcpo2oh.weebly.com/participate.html.

You can write me aka Bikergo Gal this way too! If you send me a SASE to this address, I will send you a 2011 Burning Man sticker of Ganesh riding a bike and who knows what else from the playa!

Art Predator
520 DNA
Burning Man
Gerlach, NV 89412

Better get it in the mail soon! Steve McCarthy at New Republic is printing our stickers and I highly recommend him. Call him if you need teshirts stickers any silk screening–he’s great! (917) 868-1462 newrepublicprinting@gmail.com http://www.newrepublicprinting.com

BikergoGal’s Flower Power ArtRide Header

I’ve been remiss in posting photos from the last two (or three?) ArtRides. But when I ran across this on in my Facebook photos, I thought it might deserve closer inspection and upon downloading it I realized it would make a fun header photo for this blog!

The image has many of our regular ArtRiders (like Pineapple Helen in yellow and Matt Harvey with the sunflower) plus some newbies (like Michelle in her white go-go boots and her husband DJ Jeremy Walker in the wild bell bottoms).

Thanks to everyone who came on the ride and thanks for taking photos and posting them on facebook. Please try to post them on the San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club page on facebook. I’ll try to post more here on the blog soon.

PS That’s me, BikergoGal on the pink bikergo, pink/orange/red dress with a slit up to there and pink shoes with white heels!

“Keep on Rolling:” Ride Your Bike to REO Speedwagon Tonight at Ventura County Fair

We’re going to be rolling over to see REO Speedwagon about 7:15pm tonight! Look for us on the beach side of the grandstand about 7:30 when the concert starts! The sounds is fine and the view is ok (on the jumbotron!)

BYOB! Read on to read what we brought to drink last night to see the Beach Boys!

REO Speedwagon "Keeps on Rolling" Tonight at Ventura County Fair Last night we had a picnic at the beach while we listened to the Beach Boys and enjoyed Silver Birch NZ Sauvignon Blanc (read on for the full story!) Tonight after dinner we’re riding our bikes down to hear REO Speedwagon. While never one of my favorite “hair” bands, it’s fun, it’s free, it’s by the beach and I can sing along with all the lyrics of the songs that were on the … Read More

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Bike Ride to Good Vibrations at Ventura Fair

Not all of us rode to the Fair and went inside to hear Pat Benatar on Friday night.

In fact, Daniel, Matt and a few others rode to the beach where they said they could hear great and even see the concert on the jumbotron!

We were already planning on riding over tonight to hear the Beach Boys but now we’re even more stoked about it!

You can meet us on the beach at Surfer’s Point outside the Ventura County Fair grounds for a picnic with our kids while we listen and dance to The Beach Boys who are performing in the Grand Stand.

Or ride with us from midtown (or points east)! If you need to, you can park your car at the city of Ventura San Jon Road maintenance yard at 7pm (for free!) and ride with us down San Jon and along the beach. Read on for more details and a list of other Fair Grandstand entertainment.

The Ventura County Fair every year offers “free” Grandstand Entertainment with your $12 paid admission to the Fair! But even better, if you’ve had your fill of the fair and you don’t want to pay $12 just for the “free” entertainment, you can ride your bike along the beach bike trail and find a spot where you can hear the concert and even watch it on the jumbotron which is wh … Read More

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