Santa & Mrs Claus ready to call it quits

Thanks to everyone who came out last night as Freewheelin Farmers (and one “chick”) on the ArtRide. Matt made an awesome tractor-bike. Thanks to Karen Socher for making the Fair Parade ride her family’s first–and for being the only one to show up at all.

Seriously folks, we know you have a great time when you show up and ride, but Santa & Mrs Claus are burned out and depressed at the low turnout at last night’s ride and the no shows for today’s parade ride–especially after riding Thursday in Santa Barbara with about 150 costumed riders.

Why should we bother doing something here in Venturkey when very few people show and we can just join the ride up there?

How many of you really care whether there’s a bike culture here or not? It seems there’s maybe 10-20 people, and most of them don’t bother to make the rides. What do we need to do?

Next month, Mrs Claus and the Baby Claus are going to Burning Man so it’s up to you, the members of the San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club to make this (and every) ArtRide a success by showing up and getting your friends to ride! Or else why bother?

What’s the theme for next month? Who will lead the ArtRide? Where will you go? Who will make the flyer and do the PR?

To do:

Decide on one
One suggestion is “Back to School.”


Midnight Ridazz

Where to go?
Who will lead?

Rides are free and familiy friendly BUT kids under 8 MUST be up to riding with adults, riding at night, and riding on the street. All Kids under 18 MUST wear helmets;  under 8 MUST ride along with a parent (trailers, trailer bikes etc).

EVERYONE needs lights–white front lights and red tailights. Get them now and be ready to ride! Bonus to have fun lights for your bike too.

First Friday October 7 theme is “Gothtober.”

November 4: “Secret Agent Men” or “Men in Black”

December 2: SantaCon

2013: NO RIDES

If you want to see these rides continue, let Santa and Mrs Claus know you care.  Show up! Here’s how:

Respond to facebook invites with yes, no, or maybe.

Invite your facebook friends.

Subscribe to Comment on blog posts so we know someone is reading them. Download flyers.

Offer to help! Volunteer to be the Craigslist or Midnight Ridazz person!

Most importantly, commit to and show up for rides.


Santa & Mrs Claus


3 Comments on “Santa & Mrs Claus ready to call it quits”

  1. John says:

    There are people in this city who would miss your rides. People you don’t know about. People who sit in windows and smile for the first time all month as you ride by. People who look forward to seeing you ride by and the chance to smaile. People you talk to and don’t remember.People who CAN no longer ride themselves and whom YOU remind of happy days as children, riding their bikes to the neighborhood pool in summer, riding their bikes around the neighborhood on Halloween. You remind these people what it feels ike to have wind on their face and in their hair…what if there are only 10 or 20 riders? What if there ARE 10 or 15 people to whom your rides of 10 or 20 bring joy…remember WHY you started riding in the first place?? Was it to gain respect or popularity or to prove you could lead? I don’t think so…Please don’t give up on us as you feel the others have given up on you! There are those of us watching from the shadows and behind windows and from balconies and in cars and as we walk our dogs who appreciate you!

  2. That’s very nice, John, I’m glad you appreciate us.

    It’s still hard to dress up and be one of a few each month. Much more fun to do this and have more people participate than just my family and a few more.

  3. And it’s way too much work to do it for such a low turnout month after month…

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