Santa Barbara Cruiser Ride: SB to IV & Back

Ever wanted to ride from Santa Barbara to IV? And back? With nearly 1000 other riders? Many of them drunk? And doing stunts?

If this sounds fun to you, today is your lucky day! Join the Santa Barbara Cruiser Run, around for some 20 years!

Meet: Noon Sunday August 7, Santa Barbara Pier

Ride the streets of Santa Barbara north through UCSB to Isla Vista and Goleta Beach and back in a giant pack.

Free! But probably not too family friendly…

NOTE: The traditional route has been fenced off to protect new plantings of natives AND the jumps have been leveled. It is still going to be one wild ride.

PS It’s Fiesta weekend in Santa Barbara AND it’s the first weekend of the Ventura County Fair. If you’re driving to the ride, expect traffic. If you stay late and drive home at night, there’s lots of construction on 101 and that will delay you. It took us nearly two hours to get home from the Thrusday ride in Santa Barbara.


3 Comments on “Santa Barbara Cruiser Ride: SB to IV & Back”

  1. Michael says:

    The Santa Barbara Cruiser ride is done for this year.

    There were still a lot of jumps out at Ellwood Bluffs.

  2. Michael says:

    The ride was good, part of the route was blocked through UCSB. They planted a lot of plants and put chain link fence around the area they didn’t want riders to go. There were some young kids on the ride but if you do the whole thing, it’s 30 miles, probably a little much for Reed. A friend pulled his two kids in a Burley and I saw him last when we were in Isla Vista. After Isla Vista we do some dirt riding and after that point, I saw very few young children.

    Although the ride started with maybe 1,500, by the time we got to Goleta Beach, there were fewer riders. I’m guessing but families with younger kids would have bailed maybe after ten miles and headed back. The weather was perfect.

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