At Burning Man’s Radical Experiment in Alt Transportation, you gotta have a bike

As I’m gearing up to go to Burning Man this year, my biggest question is not how I’m going to get there, but how I’m going to get around once I’m there.

You see, I’m going to be out there by myself with our 7 year old, and I’m going to be working almost 40 hours from Sunday to Sunday taking care of the toddler son of a staff member.

That means I need to decide whether I bring my bikergo (which I LOVE but does NOT travel well), whether my son bring his bikergo (see previous comment). AND I need to figure out how we’re all going to get around days with three of us and nights with two of us– whether we’re bringing a trailerbike, a bike trailer, a bike seat etc.

Why am I so concerned about having bicycle transportation? Read on for why!

If you’re going, what are you doing transportation-wise on the playa?

Read on for tips from a veteran burner.

Burning Man's Radical Experiment in Alt Transportation: you gotta have a bike It’s hard to imagine how someone could make attending Burning Man a carbon neutral experience, but I’ll say one thing for sure: people use alternative transportation while there. Mostly people get around Black Rock City on their own power: by bicycle and by foot. They also get around by hitching rides on motorized sofas and artcars and various other moving objects. But mostly? People ride bicycles. Some are basic. Some are outlandish. My friend M … Read More

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