Bike Ride to Good Vibrations at Ventura Fair

Not all of us rode to the Fair and went inside to hear Pat Benatar on Friday night.

In fact, Daniel, Matt and a few others rode to the beach where they said they could hear great and even see the concert on the jumbotron!

We were already planning on riding over tonight to hear the Beach Boys but now we’re even more stoked about it!

You can meet us on the beach at Surfer’s Point outside the Ventura County Fair grounds for a picnic with our kids while we listen and dance to The Beach Boys who are performing in the Grand Stand.

Or ride with us from midtown (or points east)! If you need to, you can park your car at the city of Ventura San Jon Road maintenance yard at 7pm (for free!) and ride with us down San Jon and along the beach. Read on for more details and a list of other Fair Grandstand entertainment.

The Ventura County Fair every year offers “free” Grandstand Entertainment with your $12 paid admission to the Fair! But even better, if you’ve had your fill of the fair and you don’t want to pay $12 just for the “free” entertainment, you can ride your bike along the beach bike trail and find a spot where you can hear the concert and even watch it on the jumbotron which is wh … Read More

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