BikergoGal’s Flower Power ArtRide Header

I’ve been remiss in posting photos from the last two (or three?) ArtRides. But when I ran across this on in my Facebook photos, I thought it might deserve closer inspection and upon downloading it I realized it would make a fun header photo for this blog!

The image has many of our regular ArtRiders (like Pineapple Helen in yellow and Matt Harvey with the sunflower) plus some newbies (like Michelle in her white go-go boots and her husband DJ Jeremy Walker in the wild bell bottoms).

Thanks to everyone who came on the ride and thanks for taking photos and posting them on facebook. Please try to post them on the San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club page on facebook. I’ll try to post more here on the blog soon.

PS That’s me, BikergoGal on the pink bikergo, pink/orange/red dress with a slit up to there and pink shoes with white heels!

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