Ride of Passage: Naked Bike Ride Pub Crawl at Burning Man Weds 8/31 11am

Black Rock City, Nevada, the temporary city of 50-60,000 people that pops up every year for 25 years around Labor Day in the Black Rock Desert, is the perfect place for a Naked Bike Ride.

Fortunately, one is planned for Wednesday, August 31, 2011–Lord Ganesha’s birthday! Meet at 11:00AM at the Man to ride around for a few hours so bring plenty of water and some snacks!

Where did the name “Ride of Passage” come from? The Burning Man Festival theme for this year: “Rites of Passage.”  For more info (and to see photos from last year!: http://www.dragondebris.com/brc_pubcrawl.htm)

I’m going to try to make the ride but there’s a lot of distractions out there! Right now, Wednesday morning my son and I are going on a quest!

If you see me on the playa, ask for a sticker of Ganesh riding a bicycle! If you’re not going to the playa, send me a letter with a SASE and I’ll send you one in the mail:

Gwendolyn Alley aka Bikergo Gal
Art Predator’s Camp
5:30 & Divorce
c/o BRC Post Office
Gerlach, NV.89412

2 Comments on “Ride of Passage: Naked Bike Ride Pub Crawl at Burning Man Weds 8/31 11am”

  1. Josh says:

    Hi! I was at the Naked Pub Crawl this year. It was a blast can’t wait till next years burn. A man was taking pictures and gave me his card. Said it was the only way to get the pictures so that they do not end up on the web. I lost the card. ;( You don’t happen to know his e-mail or who he is do you. My e-mail is jcato1857@yahoo.com if you do. Thanks!

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