One Week to Comment: Help Increase SoCal Funding for Bikes & Peds from 1% NOW

Every four years, a new Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is created for the whole of Southern California that helps determine how money is divvied out.

In 18 workshops all over So-Cal, with three were right here in Ventura County, almost nobody came to speak about bike or pedestrian transit needs so now the draft RTP calls for only 1% of the transit funds to cover both bikes and peds!

When over 12% of all trips are done on foot or with a bicycle, and 25% of roadway accidents and fatalities involve pedestrians or bicyclists does it make sense for only 1% of the transit funds to cover bikes and peds?

No it does not! Please contact SCAG (Southern California Area Governments) and tell them to increase the budget for bikes and pedestrians so that we can commute more safely.

You have one week to
Enter Your Comments about the RTP

(or e-mail them to John Proctor) .

Here are TWO important MESSAGES to convey in your communications:

·        Bicycles and Pedestrians have TOTALLY different needs. Funds should not be clumped together.

·        We need a more reasonable percentage of funds to be used for bicycle improvements to address the large number of casualties and the growing desire for safe bicycle routes.

Please include your name and address.

Remember one week so do it today! Enter Your Comments about the RTP or e-mail them to John Proctor! TODAY!

Here’s a video and more)

Also a link to the Safe Routes to School Platform.

Save a copy of your comments and please let us know you did and when so we can track it!

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