Gothtober Quidditch ArtRide Report & Photos

Last night we had a small but enthusiastic turnout for the Gothtober Quidditch ArtRide.

We had a few hoodlums, ghouls, wizards, witches and plenty of students and faculty from Hogwarts School.

(Here’s a link to my fav FUN photo of the night!)

I went as the Hogwart’s Mistress of Spells–from my blue dress you can tell that I am with Ravenclaw house–that’s my husband Marsh Dumbledore with his moth open wearing a Gryffindor tie.

I’m sorry I didn’t get any better pictures of my outfit or of my bicycle which had a GIANT spider on the back with flashing EL wire and a raven with red glowing eyes in my bicycle basket which was ringed in orange EL wire and a black scarf with a glowing box inside!

We gathered as usual at the

Artists Union


rode at sunset along the new beach bike path to the Ventura River Trail and Main Street…

lapped Main…

stopped at Red Brick Gallery…

cruised up to Vita and Bell Arts where we hung out there for a long time–Reed Weasley and Mullet Potter even sat down for a photo op on the couches there!–

enjoying the art and dancing to the live band in the Community Room –we should have stayed there dancing longer! We were having a blast!

Art highlights for us were Claudia Pardo’s must see show at Vita and the album cover show at Bell Arts Tool Room Gallery which is so good and affordable that DJ Jeremy bought one of them!

Nothing was happening at 643 Project Space, so we went up Main again and dispersed for an early night.

Photos 1, 2, 4 at the Promenade by Gwendolyn Alley aka Bikergo Gal; the rest of the photos are by Daniel Boggs aka H Potter with a mullet.

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