Future ArtRides? Decide Tonight

If you want the ArtRides to continue, step up then show up! Come to a potluck at 5:30 followed by a meeting MONDAY OCT 17, 2011 from 7-8pm to decide:

1) whether there should be future ArtRides, particularly First Friday Rides

2) how First Friday ArtRides might change so more attend (start later?)

3) whether there is interest in occasional weekend Rides (ie Santacon)

4) who is willing to take responsibility for various aspects of the Rides

5) what else you want to discuss

We will use the “council” or circle process to generate ideas and for problem solving. If you are unfamiliar with council, it is simple: we will go around in a circle in response to questions we will generate such as:

1) What do you like best about the ArtRides?

2) What ideas do you have for when, where, why, how to make them better and to increase participation?

3) What are you willing and able to contribute to keep the ArtRides going?

Why do we need to hold this meeting?

After organizing 40 or so ArtRides since December 2008, I am stepping down. While I enjoy the performance art and political theater elements of the ArtRides, I no longer desire to lead the monthly rides, organize and promote them.

I have asked for help before (in 2010 when Marsh broke his neck–Tracy tried to get people to help me then too to no avail–also in August I questioned whether we/I should quit doing them)–and the only person who has come forward is Zanna who took over making flyers back in June. Helen used to print and distribute posters but now she’s moved.

So if someone wants to take it over, or if we want to trade off being responsible for the various rides each month (organizing and promoting them), great–they’ll continue.

To clarify: some people assume I’m getting paid to do this. Nope. That would be great but I don’t foresee an organization or merchant stepping forward to sponsor it.

I imagine many of you joined the 200 member facebook group or subscribed to https://bikergogal.wordpress.com/ because you “love” the ArtRides: the concept, seeing us on the streets, at the galleries and studios. People often tell me they plan to join an ArtRide when in town or as soon as they have/fix their bike etc.

But on the last three rides we’ve only had about a dozen participants, the weather has been stellar, and the theme has been simple. More needs to be done to get the word out and I wonder what changes should be made so more can and will participate.

While I’ve really enjoyed doing the rides with you, it’s not working for me very well and I wonder if we should give up on making the rides “family-friendly.” It’s really hard for me to try to anticipate and meet everyone’s needs, including those of my family. I appreciate what it takes to make sure bikes, lights, costumes, kids are all a go.

Unless it is raining, we will meet outside; please wear and bring layers. We’ll start a movie for kids by 7pm so that parents in attendance can focus. We will close council at 8pm. Marshall’s 50th birthday is Sunday; there will be cake.

Please RSVP by email to gwendolynalley@yahoo.com, on the facebook, event page: ArtRiders Meeting.


Gwendolyn aka biker-go-gal (and Marshall and Reed Sheridan)

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