Bike To the Future–with Holiday Cheer!

Bike to the Future in Santa Barbara tonight, Holiday Cheer Ride in Ventura tomorrow…and maybe a SantaCon?

art predator

BIKETOTHEFUTURE-02-1There has to be some pay off for all that bicycle and active transportation activism, right?
How about a bike ride to the future? Or a SantaCon?
BikeMoves takes you back to the future, today December 5, 2013!
Bring your flux capacitors down to start our journey,

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One Comment on “Bike To the Future–with Holiday Cheer!”

  1. Reblogged this on whisper down the write alley and commented:

    Joining one of these bike rides or attending First Friday in Ventura or the Poetry Reading tonight all qualify for extra credit for my students as long as they write about it for their portfolio!

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