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SB Bike Moves Hosts Shotgun Wedding 2/3

Tomorow, Thursday February 3 is the next Santa Barbara Bike Moves and the theme is “Shotgun Wedding” which is PERFECT for Valentine’s Day!
“Warm up those cold feet, and get dressed for a wedding you will not soon forget! There will be the life-long commitments for the love of bike riding along with some risky flirting of sumo partners.”
They plan to have a chapel and camera set up to snap a fleeting shot of ymates – or valentines to be! The reception will be held at Dargan’s for the garter and bouquet toss.  Each drink purchased will help the SB Bicycle Coalition keep Santa Barbara a great place to ride.
Tonight, Wednesday will be the premier screening of “With my Own Two Wheels” directed Santa Barbara filmmaker Jacob Seigel-Boettner at the Santa Barbara Film Fest and features SB’s Bici-Centro. Anyone coming to see the film will receive a $10 discount on annual membership to the SB Bicycle Coalition.
Then on Friday night, we hope to see lots of riders down here in Ventura for our Happy Velotines themed ride “Pink Panther Rides Again!” Our after party at the El Jardin Courtyard in downtown Ventura by Kama Sutra and Love Fox Vintage will have beer donated by Anacapa so please bring your own mug and some money to donate to the Ventura Bike Union for beer and to cover food.

Ventura Bike Union’s Response to the Transportation Master Plan

As much as we might enjoy riding our bikes on ArtRides or are dedicated to riding for our health and the health of the planet, riding bicycles around here is not all fun and games. In order to have a safe city to ride, cyclists must support the work we’ve done in getting the needs of cyclists addressed in the Transportation Master Plan.

You can still be an important part of this process by reviewing the plan and making comments. Public forums will be held.

Next Tuesday, members of the Ventura Bike Union (including this Bikergo Gal) will meet with Tom Mericle, City Traffic Manager, to request specific improvements to the Bikeway Master Plan draft. According to VCCool’s Rachel Morris,

In a nutshell, we found lots that still needed to be added (see 1-22 below), while what was there seemed not reflective of input we’d heard and given (see A-D below).

The following information is best understood in the context and with reference to the Master Plan. Note this is not exhaustive list, but it is accurate and covers key recommendations for improvements. Read the rest of this entry »

Comment NOW on Ventura’s Master Bike Plan

If you live or ride in Ventura, you want to check the City of Ventura’s Master Bike Plan to make sure YOUR cycling needs will be met and your concerns addressed!

If you want your pet project in this 5 year plan – Make sure you check that it’s there!! This has been years in the making and important elements have been overlooked. Unless we bring them up, they will be ignored.

Here’s the main bike page:  http://www.cityofventura.net/pw/transportation

Here’s the plan:


Please review it and prepare comments. You can email your comments or bring them to the Bike Union meeting tomorrow, Weds. January 26 at 7pm 345 W. Center St., Ventura  (Rachel, Albert, and Matt’s house).

“Please go over the plan BEFORE the meeting. Email me any requests/changes BEFORE the meeting. Be sure to be SUPER clear so I/They don’t get confused,” says Rachel Morris, VCCool Executive Director www.vccool.org office (805)648-1267 cell (805)258-9369

VCCool is a Ventura County global warming action group. Our mission is to engage all people of Ventura County in promoting a healthy climate.

Burning Man 2010 at Home: All The Freaky People ArtRide Report & photos! (via AP)

Here’s a first batch of photos and a report on where we rode on Friday’s ArtRide. More photos soon!

Burning Man 2010 at Home: All The Freaky People ArtRide Report & photos! Since I knew we weren’t going to make it to Burning Man 2010, we brought a little bit of the Burn home to Ventura by way of a “All The Freaky People Make the Beauty in the World” ArtRide. And thanks to Daniel Boggs and his small pink camera, I have plenty of fun photos of all the Freaky people on Friday’s ArtRide to share with you! We met up at the Artists Union Gallery where there was live music in addition to artwork, then we rode along the oce … Read More

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All The Freaky People Make the Beauty: August ArtRide Shots & ArtRide!

Relive the fun of last month’s ArtRide and get ready to make some ArtRide magic once again! Will try to get up photos of the “All the Freaky People” ArtRide up soon! What do you think about a Zombie ArtRide for October?

All The Freaky People Make the Beauty: August ArtRide Shots & ArtRide Tonight! FINALLY! Here are some of my favorite shots from last month’s ArtRide “Western Nghts & Carnival Lights” that I took with my handy iPhone. Daniel took a lot more and when I get a chance, I’ll post some! We started at the promenade where we took photos and then more photos at the Ventura River and the sea. We cruised Main and Ventura Avenue; ArtRide stops included Bell Arts Factory and the WAV and more before we stopped for chow at Anacapa Brew … Read More

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How To Create a Bike Culture: Santa Barbara’s CycloMAYnia Video

The bike culture in Santa Barbara is growing! This video showcases how, what, and why, and serves as a model for all of us trying to show the world the cycling is a more than just races or commuting or a grind or an ax to grind –but a fun way to connect with your neighbors, your friends and your community.

Shakespeare Ride with CICLE LA to see Othello

This looks like such a fun way to spend a summer afternoon! A family friendly bike ride around LA’s Griffith Park followed by some free Shakespeare! And period costumes too! Maybe we can get a ride going in Ojai to see the outdoor performance put on by Theater 150!

More Summertime Shakespeare: LA Bicycle Ride to Othello Thanks to support from REI, CICLE LA Urban Expeditions offers regular family friendly rides in LA to events. Next up is a Shakespeare Ride Sunday, July 18th, 2010 meeting at 4:00 pm at the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round parking lot just inside the Los Feliz/Riverside entrance to Griffith Park. And it’s all free, free, free, free! The ride begins at 4:30pm and meanders through Los Feliz to the Shakespeare Bridge to arrive just before 7:00 pm at the … Read More

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July 2 ArtRide: Ventucky Vice

Somehow it’s July already which means it’s time to gear up for this month’s ArtRide tomorrow Friday July 2. We meet at 5:30pm outside the Artists Union located at the ocean end of California Street in Ventura. At about 6pm, we ride around town to various galleries and art studios. This month’s theme is Ventucky Vice. Bring a cup for beer and money to donate, and headlights for the way home.

Ventucky Vice? What does that mean? What do you wear for Ventucky Vice? Where did this theme come from anyway?

We were kicking around ideas on facebook fanpage for the San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club as well as messages and email. Since we did Boogie Nights (70s) in May, someone suggested 80s, then  Miami Vice, and someone suggested Ventucky, and so Ventucky Vice was born.

One of the reasons it makes sense as a theme is because we’re holding the afterparty at Art City which has been basically closed down for several years due to code violations and is finally code compliant. So it’s independence day for Art City from the Ventura Vice squad which has been breathing down Paul Lindhard’s neck looking for infractions!

I have to admit that I have no idea what I am going to wear. I lived through the 80s, sure, and I was even here in town some in the early 80s, but I never watched the show Miami Vice.

I know what Ventucky means to me, but I still don’t even know what to recommend or what to expect! This one is WIDE open to interpretation! What does Ventucky Vice mean to you?

For some inspiration, I found this Miami Vice video which is full of images of Don Johnson in pinks and turquoise and white suits riding in fast cars and boats. Maybe think pimps, drug lords, men in white suits with pink shirts, poofy hair and padded shoulders, and babes in bikinis all racing around on bicycles and maybe with a country California beach sensibility?

Ventura Bicycle Union Meets Tuesday April 6

If you live in Ventura County or ride here, and you want to make a difference about bicycles on the street – this is the place to be!!

The Ventura Bicycle Union needs every cyclist at the Ventura Bicycle Union Meeting Tuesday, April 6 6:30pm 345 West Center St., Ventura, CA.

According to Rachel Morris VCCool Executive Director Topics include:

Bicycle Power Breakfast
Bicycle Co-op
Earthday Bicycle classes

Learn more about VCCool here www.vccool.org or call Rachel at (805)648-1267. VCCool is a Ventura County global warming action group. Our mission is to engage all people of Ventura County in promoting a healthy climate.