Brides of March Info & FFArtRide “Brides Ride” Photos

Following the shotgun wedding at City Hall on Friday March 5, we rode our bikes down California Street to the sea where we took photos of the wedding party and popped the cork on a quite drinkable $6 organic cava from Trader Joe’s.

We had a number of brides, as you can see, as well as Lucy the Flower Girl, a few grooms, a mother of the bride (in lovely lavender), and a few bridesmaids too.

After the ceremonial toasting, but prior to more bicycle riding, we did some tree climbing. Several people took photos to prove it and I will post them when they show up!

We went to a number of galleries without mishap save two on the way to City Hall: the one pictured and when my veil got stuck in my bikergo (no photos but I was certainly delayed! Fortunately my friend David answered my desperate cell phone call for assistance!) Yes, I was quite the picture there on the corner of Santa Clara and Hemlock for over 30 minutes. You can imagine the looks I got!

The wedding reception was held at Bell Arts Factory with beer from Anacapa Brewery. It got a little crazy. But no harm was done to animals or artwork.

MANY Brides of March gather TODAY Saturday March 13!  Other Brides hook up next Saturday and Sunday March 20 & 21! Learn more about transforming a gown from a thrift store find into something you can wear yourself at your local Brides of March event.

Can’t find one near you? Make one happen! All you need are some brides. Some champagne helps. So does nerve. Go for it! It’s totally worth it. March lasts a few more weeks! Or set the date NOW for NEXT year: how does Saturday March 12 sound? You could even send out save the date cards!

The bottom line is join the fun and go for a ride! Next month’s ArtRides: STEAMPUNK First Friday ArtRide April 2 and ArtWalk Sunday Ride April 18.

And what do you think:
a Disco Bike Ride & Ball for May?

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How To Prepare Your Wedding Dress for the Brides Ride March 5

Learn how to convert your thrift store prize into a Brides Ride ready fashion statement that you can wear on March 5 First Friday ArtRide aka the Brides of March Brides Ride.

It takes only two easy steps to hack your thrift store find into shape–your shape! Keep in mind you’ll be on a bicycle so you might want to hack it shorter unless you have a chainguard like I do on my bikergo.

The 12th Annual Brides of March in San Francisco takes place in 2010 on March 13. LA will hold a Brides of March as will other major centers of cultural cacophony like Portland and Austin.

Hold a Brides of March in a City near you! All you need is another bride and a bottle of champagne and it quickly becomes cacophonous!

Once you’ve got your dress on and your bike ready (remember lights!), join us from 5-5:30pm at Ventura’s City Hall with champagne in your basket! From City Hall, we’ll ride down California Street to the ocean for photos and drinks at Aloha and to visit the Artists Union Gallery. At 6pm, we’ll take a romantic jaunt along the sea on the Ventura Promenade and the bicycle path along the Ventura River, then we’ll ride up and down Main visiting galleries and ending up at Bell Arts Factory 432 N. Ventura Avenue for the reception with food and beer by Anacapa. Bring your own cup and money to donate to the bride and groom!