10/10/10: A Day of Action & CicLAvia take to the streets!

On Sunday 10/10/10 take action!

Bill McKibben of 350.org says: “With your help, 10/10/10 is going to be the biggest day of practical action to cut carbon that the world has ever seen. We’re calling it “A Day to Celebrate Climate Solutions”–together we’ll get to work in our communities on projects that can cut carbon and build the clean energy future.

But we won’t stop there–we’ll be using the day to pressure our leaders to Get To Work themselves by  passing strong climate policies promoting clean energy and reducing emissions. Thousands of people around the world have already registered their plans, including bike repair workshoppers in San Francisco, school insulating teams in London, waste-land-to-veggies-gardeners in  New Zealand, and solar panel installers in Kenya. Check out the map, or click here to register a Work Party in your community.”

Here in Ventura, VCCOOL will be doing a piece of political theater on Main Street at 2pm in the mid-afternoon. To participate, wear a hardhat or a cowboy hat and look for a wheelbarrow rolling down Main.

In Los Angeles, the first CicLAvia will take place 10/10/10, under the leadership of Bobby Gadda with whom I shared the EcoSalon stage at last Saturday’s LA Decompression. He rode his tall bike there and showed people how to get on and off it. He swears a tall bike is a much safer way to get around in traffic but to me it seems terrifying–what do you do at a red light? Hold onto a car or a bus stop?

Anyway, on 10/10/10, CicLAvia will shut down seven miles of streets in LA, make them car free from 10am-3pm, and turn them into a “re-imagined, re-invented public space.”. Friends in the Bay Area have been enjoying similar events for months now and swear that it is a “gas” and especially fun for families. The event began in Bogota 30 years ago; now every Sunday streets are closed for people to enjoy. Read more about cicLAvia in this LA Times article–that’s also where the photo of Bobby Gadda on his tall bike came from: In the heart of L.A., wide open spaces, courtesy of CicLAvia – latimes.com.