Go for a Ride, Drink Some Wine, Support VCCool TONIGHT

Two great wine events tonight, Thurs. 12/10/09 on the West end of Main Street, Ventura: a wine tasting to celebrate  VCCool’s new 501c3 status from 6-7pm at J’s Tapas 204 E. Main and a wine tasting and buy extravaganza from 6:30-9pm at Jonathan’s at Peirano’s. The food is fabulous, the atmosphere cozy, and both are conveniently located right next to each other and across from the San Buenaventura Mission in downtown.

First up: As the eyes of the World turn towards Copenhagen, Denmark and how our Global Community will address Climate Change, VCCool invites you to share an evening with us here at home. As a non-profit in Ventura that specifically addresses the issue at a local level, VCCool needs your support.

Join in conversation about building a sustainable future together during a lovely evening of wine, food, and friendship. This gathering is a free event with the purpose of raising funds, and nurturing friends and supporters as VCCool celebrates acheiving its 501c3 non-profit status as well as an amazing history of local action. The event also offers a sneak-preview of some exciting plans for 2010 as well. Bring your checkbook and make a powerful stand for climate protection by supporting a  local organization that is working hard on  climate action almost every day of the year.

Next: Get amazing wines at amazing wholesale prices, at the Annual Taste and Buy Event, Thursday December 10th 6:30-9pm at Jonathan’s. Taste over 30 wines from many of the best regions for only $10. RSVP today by calling 805-648-4853!

Be sure to say hi–I’ll be the one passing out Santacon Ride flyers (12/20 at 12:30pm) and Tweed Ride flyers (2/5 at 5:30pm). If it’s not raining, check out my pink bikergo locked up outside. Ask me and I’ll let you take it out for a spin!

Head to Hopenhagen & Bring Your Bikergo to the UN’s December Climate Summit!

Huff Post Sponsors Trip to Copenhagen for a Citizen to Report on Climate Summit

Is the fate of the world at stake this December in Copenhagen? Many say yes.

Hopenhagen Ambassador Contest: HuffPost Citizen Journalist Will Win A Trip To Copenhagen

Next month at the UN’s Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, world’s leaders will decide what to do before the Kyoto protocol expires in two years–and this will indeed determine the future of our planet.

The effects of global warming are already lapping at the world’s shores, destroying species, threatening cities, and encroaching on our ability to produce food. This is real, and this is happening. But there is hope.

Hopenhagen.org wants to connect every one with what is happening at the conference in Copenhagen so that we together can push for limits on carbon emissions. Leaders don’t want to make these commitments because they will require deep changes (yes, sacrifices even) so we the people must show the politicians the way–and that there is a strong political will to set emissions targets — which would mean more green jobs, and a more sustainable future for people everywhere.

At Hopenhagen.org, people can become a citizen of the Nation of Hopenhagen by signing a petition, learning about grassroots climate efforts and spreading the word to their own communities. In addition,

a HuffPost citizen journalist will go to Copenhagen for the climate conference as the Hopenhagen Ambassador, to represent the global nation of people who are hopeful that leaders will come to an agreement.

How? Submit a 1 minute video. The Top 10 vote getters will then move forward to a panel of judges who will choose the winner who will receive a trip to Copenhagen from December 12-19th including airfare, accommodation, press accreditation for the UN conference, Media training with HuffPost Citizen journalism editor Matt Palevsky, HuffPost blogging privileges, and a flip camera to record events.

Hopefully, they let you keep the flip camera!

What an adventure! I’m already thinking about what I’d like to say to win that trip–although I really think Rachel Morris of VCCool should go for it–and soon!

But more important, I think, is to create a buzz about what’s happening in Copehagen in December, and how necessary it is to make a commitment to a drastic reduction in carbon emissions in order to prevent more radical climate change.

Already reports are pessimistic. The Kyoto Protocol runs out in 2012.

Connie Hedegaard, the Danish climate and energy minister who will chair the Copenhagen summit, said that the Dec. 8-17 event will be “a moment of truth” and “countries are very worried about the consequences of global warming and expect the developed countries to perform in Copenhagen.”

Time Magazine reports that the goals for the meeting were scaled back considerably on Sunday due to he deadlock between developed nations like the US which produce more carbon emissions per capita and developing nations like China and India which argue they should have a right to produce some too.

The discussions start in earnest Dec. 2, 2009 … and may not end in our lifetime.

What will you do to raise awareness about climate change on 350 Day?

This Saturday, October 24, around the world people are engaging in various acts to raise awareness and to encourage people to take action about climate change.

We’ll be taking our bikes that day wherever we go. It’s the ArtWalk around here so it should be fun. There’s lots of events going on; here’s a map that shows where. Around the corner, we’ll probably drop by VCCOOL’s Rachel Morris is hosting a 350 Paint Party and Potluck:

http://www.vccool.org/images/clip_art/pot_smr.jpghttp://www.vccool.org/newsletter/37_oct_09/350.jpgSaturday, October 24th
2:00 pm Paint the 350 Mural
5:00 pm clean up
5:30 pm Potluck Food and Fellowship
345 West Center St., Ventura, CA 93001

In support of the International Day of Climate change, VCCool is throwing a 350 Paint Party and Potluck. We will paint a huge, beautiful “350” mural on a local garage door. Then we will photograph our artwork and post the images with 350.org to support the United Nation’s Climate Treaty of December 2009. Afterward we will wash our brushes, enjoy a pot-luck dinner, and bask in the beauty of our community creation. We also hope to raise $350 to purchase VCCool’s new volunteer database! Think globally, donate locally.

What to Bring:
Yourself – plus Brushes, Paint clothes, an old pie pan, rags, and one yummy potluck dish.

How to Get Here:
Walk, bike, skateboard, pogo-stick, skip, roller blade, carpool, bus, scooter, you get the idea.

For More Information and to RSVP:
Visit 350.org , or drop us a note at action@vccool.org.

I wish we could be in SF–or that I could get 350 people on bikes to join us in doing what they’re doing. Here’s the info listed on the SF Bike Coalitions Chain of Events:

Bike the SF Rising Shoreline

Sat., Oct. 24 | 2pm | Gather at Justin Herman Plaza

 global warming biker galOn Oct. 24 people all over the world are acting to send a message to politicians to reach meaningful climate agreements in Copenhagen. In San Francisco, there will be a 350 bicyclist ride along the predicted new shoreline. Read more info on the SF shoreline change.

At 3 pm the ride will join a Human Billboard at Justin Herman Plaza. To sign up register online. Please bring a snorkel and mask. This will be an easy, mostly level 3.5 mile ride.

Their facebook page adds these details:

Bike the SF Shoreline! Get your bikes ready for underwater pedalling! Pull out your floaties and snorkel masks!

Sign up to be one of 350 bicyclists to ride along SF’s future post climate-changed shoreline as part of this Global Day of Climate Action. When you sign up, you will be contacted soon with more information. At the ride you’ll also receive a colorful momento which you will get to keep. This action will start at 2pm from Justin Herman Plaza (SF). CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP:

Well I won’t make that ride–but I will be joining in for the Halloween Critical Mass in SF on my new bikergo! That’s going to be a party! Hmmn, which costume should I wear? Maybe the Snake Charmer…