Ventura’s Master Transportation & Bicycle Plan Needs YOUR Comments NOW: How

According to Rachel Morris, VCCool Executive Director, at the Bike Union meeting  last night, lots of progress was made in terms of responding to oversights in the Bike Plan.

At the meeting, members reviewed suggested changes for the Bikeway Master Plan for the City of Ventura. The Union will provide a letter with requested changes to the City Traffic Manager Monday, January 31.

If you missed the meeting and you have KEY elements that you want to make sure are listed in the plan, please get them to Rachel  in clear and precise language by midnight on Friday, January 28th.

The next step is to attend one or more of the following meetings:

·        Planning Commission – February 15th start time 5:30pm

·        Parks & Recreation Commission – February 16th start time 6:00pm

·        City Council Vote – Monday March 21st start time 6:00pm

In order to strategize, if you can attend one or more of these critical hearings, please let Rachel know. A silent majority makes no sound if it falls by the wayside. Speak out! Kids have a powerful voice too. As these meetings run long, bring a book, a laptop computer, snacks, water, etc and expect to stay late.

And of course remember to join us for the First Friday ArtRide February 4–The Pink Panther Rides Again! This would give you a chance to find out more about the Bike Plan and to let folks know which meetings you can attend and which issues you want to address.

Read the Transportation Plan here:

Here’s the Bike Plan: