Ventura City Council Votes FOR Bicycle Master Plan

Last night’s Ventura City Council meeting was packed with cyclists. Over 150 cyclists and community members attended to show their support for the Bicycle Master Plan. Out of dozens of emails received by the Council, only one was negative and it was because of fiscal issues. About a dozen testified for the Plan and many more turned in comment cards in support of it.

Council Member Morehouse brought in a motion to accept the plan. After a brief discussion by Council members where Andrews and Tracy again brought up (in my opinion unwarranted and unsubstantiated) fiscal concerns and information, and Weir worried about cyclists and roundabouts, the Council voted to accept the plan with an addendum from Brian Brennan that progress about the Plan’s goals come before Council again next year.


Ventura Bicycle Union Meets Weds 7/28 To Consider Bike Plan, Breakfast!

This Wednesday’s meeting of the Ventura Bicycle Union includes updates on the Power Breakfast, a City-Hall appearance, and the first review of Ventura’s 2010 Master Bikeway Plan and a response to it.

Wednesday, July 28th 7pm
345 West Center St,  Ventura

· Review Key Points of the Master Bikeway Plan Draft
· Plan for our Power Breakfast
· Talk about Kids at City Hall

Plus going away part for both Winston and Helen.

Hope to see you there!