What’s Your Favorite Bike Art?

When I was doing some research for my Black Rock Arts Foundation on bikes and art projects, I came across the work of an amazing cycle-oriented artist,  Mark Grieve.

I’d seen Mark’s giant Bike Arch at Burning Man in 2007–but when this double rainbow blossomed in the sky, I was off at the Critical Tits bike ride after party. Fortunately, photographer  Tristan “Loupiote” Savatier (URL: http://www.loupiote.com/burning

man) was at Center Camp. He took this cool night shot as well.

The same artist behind the wheels at Burning Man, Mark Grieve, also did this installation “Wheel Arch” in my fair city of Ventura. I wish his Wheel Arch was still up so we could do one of First Friday ArtRides through it! But that’s the nature of temporary public art installations–enjoy them while you can.

In the meantime, I can go to Bici Centro in nearby Santa Barbara to see this beauty of a doorway arch on display.

Having cool bike art goes a long way toward creating a bike culture!

I’ll be on the lookout to post more bike art here.

See a slideshow of Mark Grieve’s sculptures.