Pink Panther ArtRides Yet Again–Thanks to photos by Lis J. Schwitters!

A highlight once again of the ArtRide for me was the stop at Photon Gallery, a relatively new space located on the corner of Santa Clara and California. Owner Peter Duffy is doing BIG things in a small space. The quality of the art is very high plus he sees the First Friday gallery events as an opportunity to throw a great party with music, food and wine–this time some tasty and affordable Spanish wines poured by Wine Rack’s Seana.

The show in Bell Arts Vita Center was also a highlight– hauntingly beautiful images by Hungarian illustrator Alex Juhasz.

Somehow none of us on the ArtRide took any pictures; fortunately photographer extrodinaire Lis J Schwitters snapped some shots of a a few of us before we rode off from Bell Arts.

I do wish that we’d taken some of my son–he looked so cute in his red Levis, red cowboy boots, red coat, pink shirt, pink tail and pink ears!

At  our next stop, Art City, we  enjoyed the fire and the music and checked out Dept’s new art space–he’s hosting music and art events there on the last Saturday of each month. Art City is off Olive and Rex on Dubbers over by the Venturato check out Dept’s new art space–he’s hosting music and art events there on the last Saturday of each month, and we’re planning for our April Fools after party to be there.

Our final stop of the night was at the El Jardin Courtyard where we were hosted by Love Fox and Kama Sutra,  royally entertained by singer’songwriter/guitarist Matthew,  fed cupcakes from  the neighboring shop, Anacapa graciously sent over some growlers of beer (thanks Danny!) and several of us brought over food from Anacapa to enjoy in the courtyard. Many of us stayed up way past our bedtimes getting to know the wares and relaxing at Kama Sutra. I highly recommend the candle/massage oil! Heavenly scent and sent!

Next time you’re over at El Jardin, be sure to check out Love Fox Vintage and then climb the stairs up to see what’s there at Kama Sutra. I’m hanging some of my paintings in the hall–they’ll be up for the next ArtRide Leprechauns and Tweed March 4 with an after party at Bell Arts.

Feb. 4 FFArtRide: Pink Panther Rides Again!

The San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club
Invites YOU to a Happy Velotines First Friday ArtRide

February 4

The Pink Panther Rides Again!

Meet 5:30pm
California St & Ventura Beach Promenade

Ride 6pm
to Art Galleries and studios

Happy Velotines Afterparty
El Jardin Courtyard

Free * Family Friendly * Bring mugs & $$$ * Ride at Own Risk
Thanks, Anacapa Brewery! * Rides every First Friday!
Info: Join ArtRiders on facebook!