Rudolf & The Red Nose Riders + Sustainable Living Bike Tour in Santa Barbara 12/1

Thursday, December 1st, Friday December 2, and Sunday December 11, to get your jollies on–while riding your bike!

Remember to light up your bike with Christmas lights as well as legal ones–you don’t want to spend your Christmas money on a ticket for riding without a headlight!

Th. Dec. 1, meet Rudolph and his red nosed riders at the Wheel House at 7:30 to merrily roll along State Street in all your seasonal glee.

Down at the pier, an epic reindeer bike sumo battle will determine who will guide Santa’s sleigh this year. Afterward head to Red’s bar and tapas for a gay ol’ time and a festive assortment of beverages.

Come down to the Wheelhouse early to support the Sustainable Living Bike Tour. Meet the riders and watch a slideshow documenting their epic ride so far from San Francisco.

Then Friday, Dec. 2, San Buenaventura ArtRiders will meet in holiday attire at 530pm for a 6pm ride around town to visit studios and galleries open for First Friday.

Sunday Dec. 11, weather permitting, the San Buenaventura ArtRiders will do a Santacon on bikes.

Happy Holidays! And remember–don’t be a darktard– light your bike!!

Summer Solstice Seersucker Social & SantaCon ArtRide June 3, 2011: Join Us!

The San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club invites you to celebrate the arrival of summer with a Seersucker Social and SantaCon for the next First Friday ArtRide June 3!

What’s our theme? It’s a Seersucker Social–the summer time version of a Tweed Ride!

Seersucker is that puckery summery cotton kind of fabric–you know, that often comes in gingham. Patagonia is showing a lot of it this season but you can also find it at thrift stores.

And it’s a SantaCon! Because Santa is always welcome on the ArtRides and we hear he’s going to be on vacation and attending a convention of Santas that weekend at the Crown Plaza.

Meet 5:30pm
Ventura Beach Promenade, Artists Union Gallery & Aloha Bar
330 So California St Ventura 93001

Ride 6pm
We’ll ride around downtown and the Westside and visit art galleries & studios.

We usually end up at Art City 197 Dubbers St. around 8:30pm. We might even play some night time croquet.

Here’s the seersucker -3 flyer in progress to download and distribute. Many thanks to Zanna for helping with this!

Fun New “People for Bikes” Night Ride Video; Full Moon Ride Tonight!

While I love this People for Bikes video myself for many reasons,  many commenters about the video on their facebook page and on YouTube noticed and bemoan the lack of helmets on riders and lack of lights on bikes. While helmets are a choice for those over 18 in California, riding without a light at night is illegal in California and dangerous.

Without head and tail lights and reflectors, drivers and pedestrians don’t see you–and you can’t see obstructions either. That’s why on our ArtRides we remind people over and over to  LIGHT YOUR BIKE! 

Speaking of ArtRides, the next one is June 3 “Summer Solstice Seersucker Social & Santacon.” Here’s the seersucker -1 pdf flyer in progress to download. Many thanks to Zanna for helping with this!

Tonight is the Full Moon Ride! Meet at 8pm, Mission Park in downtown at Main and Figueroa; ride leaves soon after and travels as a group to Ventura College 4667  Telegraph Road and loops back.  Some riders will bring extra red taillights; if you want to buy one, bring $4 to the ride.

Rudolph, the non-conforming reindeer, leads the way! Santacon 12/20

Ever think about how Santa was a real jerkoff in the children’s classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

Well, take a minute. Consider how Rudolph is unappreciated and laughed at AND there’s a whole island of sad misfit toys!

It has come to my attention that the North Pole has become a hotbed for intolerance over the years. I believe that I have pinpointed the source of this lack of understanding. Santa Claus himself appears to be the catalyst for the effects plaguing this area. Santa, by his example, has made clear that individuals considered “misfits” should be taunted and bullied. Let us look at the list of offenders.

Check out the rest of the above critique of conformity in Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer:

Then join a slew of Santas who appreciate the Rudolphs among us!

You’ll find this Ms. Claus on her pink bikergo Sunday 12/20 at 12:30 along the Ventura Bike Path and San Jon Road then heading south to the Ventura Harbor. Join us on the Carousel at 2pm. Next we’ll head to Aloha and then downtown to Watermark, Good, and maybe Bombay.

We do insist however that if you want to roll with Santa, you gotta dress like Santa–or other denizens of the North Pole (reindeer, elves, bears, Christmas trees, etc). It’s not about conformity, really–it’s about making a really BIG impression! Deck the halls of your bike too–bells, whistles, drums, you name it, sounds good!

You can find yourself a Merry Little Santacon here. Here’s how to make a costume, download carols, and in general prepare for a Santacon. Find a Santa Con near you here.

By the way, I bet Rudolph would have a bikergo. I think he’d like a green one.

PS Thanks to Burning Moms for sharing this link about Rudolph with me last holiday season!

Rules of the Road from the Midnight Ridazz Applies to ArtRides Too:

In an effort to maintain that our rides are ArtRides not RudeRides, here are some Rules of the Road as developed by LA’s Midnight Ridazz. They apply to the ArtRides too–and certainly to this Friday’s Santacon.
Stay out of the left lane. Stay to the right.

Most routes take Ridazz down 4 lane streets… This allows for the use of one entire lane while allowing for automobiles to continue using the left lane to pass on by. This is perhaps the most important rule we can follow. This also means maintaining the right lane as our own not to be confused with the right hand turn lane which some Ridazz tend to drift into when it becomes available or when there are no longer parked cars blocking it. We get one single un-obstructed lane and we maintain this lane until the route changes direction.

Don’t Litter.

There’s nothing that hurts the Ridazz reputation quite like the mess of trash that invariably gets left behind at every rest stop we make. Please show respect for the neighborhood and for the small businesses by picking up after yourself and your friends.

Make some noise!

Bicycle riders need to be noticed. Not because of their silly aviator goggles, but because being noticed means that drivers hear them and then see them…. and therefore avoid hitting them. We’re not talking about yelling at drivers or scaring people… We’re talking about whistles, cat calls, wolf howls and any other sexy noises you can muster that will put drivers on alert especially while crossing through an intersection. It’s for YOUR safety.

Bicycle riders need to be notified of dangers. Potholes, cracks, railroad tracks… They can all cause serious injury. When a rida observes any such hazzards in the road they speak up and pass the message back. “Pothole to the right! Pass it back!” “Stop ahead!” “Slowing down slowing down!” All of these signals help keep the beast moving along SAFELY.

No Rida Left Behind.

We’ve come a long way since the days of 30 Ridazz and everyone of them being able to stop when a fellow Rida was in trouble. Today this timeless slogan continues to be an important rule. Because it is simply impossible to stop 1000+ riders in their tracks for every person that gets a flat or experiences a mechanical failure we need to re-define what that slogan means. Understand that you as an individual rider are responsible for your well being. Have a buddy on the ride and stay in touch via cell phone. Make some contacts while getting ready at the start. It is EXTREMELY important to have your bicycle in good working order before you ride. Bring a flat fix kit, tubes and tools. You owe it to yourself to be prepared. And if you happen to see a lone rida stranded on the side, use that opportunity to make a new friend and help them out… No rida left behind.

Slowing down or stopping? Move to the right!

If you have to suddenly slow down or you need to stop. Move as quickly as possible to the right and out of the way. Make sure you aren’t cutting someone off in the process!

Enforcing the Rulezz?

Nobody wants to be told by some “busybody” how to ride… Yet we all want to experience a flowing harmonious ride that keeps everyone safe and out of the cops radar. So how do you communicate to a rida that he or she is being a drag? Speak up! A simple “Stay to the right” is often enough to remind a rida that they’re slipping. If you see a knucklehead throwing a bottle or littering simply boo that person. It’s called community shaming. When everyone participates, it really works. Thanks for making Ridazz safe and fun for the years to come.