Brad Titzer Is Riding His Bike From Kentucky to Burning Man in Nevada

According to Google maps, it would take me two days to bicycle 560 miles from here to where Burning Man is being in Black Rock City Nevada. Since it takes 11 hours to drive, that doesn’t seem to bad.


If you want to shake his hand, or send him a postcard, he plans to arrive at his camp Salon Soleil Monday or Tuesday.

Here’s how to write him a letter of congratulations:

Brad Titzer
Salon Soleil
Burning Man
Gerlach, NV 89412

Or send him a “Playagram”

The BRCPO 2.Oh in The Black Rock City International Post Office Village, 9:00 Plaza, wants everyone to send E-Mail Playagrams! This is how:

“Send messages to your friends, enemies, campmates, family and even strangers at Burning Man.  Follow the directions at and  the hard working Posties of the BRCPO 2.Oh, will tirelessly comb Black Rock City to find your dusty Burner loved/hated one and deliver your carefully planned, 120 character, text message sized e-mail playagram!  Send your message by Tuesday, August 30th, at 11:00PM PST and send the best playa gift you can send without ordering an O-gram directly from our camp in the 9:00 Plaza.  (Which we highly recommend.)  If you want to be more certain your e-mail playagram is received, you should suggest to them that they swing by the BRCIPOV (across 9:00 from Ice-9 in the 9:00 Plaza) for their gift from you.  Please note that E-Mail Playagrams should absolutely not be used to convey urgent or emergency messages.  The BRCPO 2.Oh cannot guarantee delivery.  E-mail Playagrams are for entertainment purposes only, mostly our own, but if you or your recipient have fun that that’s cool too.

In addition to E-Mail Playagrams, patented O-Grams and good ol’ fashioned playa mail, the BRCIPOV also has Ritual Delivery Services, Eurotrash, The Portrait Passage post card making, a very special events USPS cancelation stamp for all off-playa mail and more.  Check out all the ways you can go Postal at

You can write me aka Bikergo Gal this way too! If you send me a SASE to this address, I will send you a 2011 Burning Man sticker of Ganesh riding a bike and who knows what else from the playa!

Art Predator
520 DNA
Burning Man
Gerlach, NV 89412

Better get it in the mail soon! Steve McCarthy at New Republic is printing our stickers and I highly recommend him. Call him if you need teshirts stickers any silk screening–he’s great! (917) 868-1462