Burning Man 2010: So you can’t go this year? Here’s what you can do! (via art predator)

Details on the next ArtRide: photos from the last ArtRide up soon!

Burning Man 2010: So you can't go this year? Here's what you can do! If you, like me, can't make it out to that Big Metropolis in the desert aka Black Rock City aka Burning Man in 2010, check this idea out: it's a social experiment that suggests we spend burn week as if we're in Black Rock City. It's called "Burner Out of Water." According to organizers: "Don your finest (but legal) playa wear. Strike up deep conversations with strangers. Ride your (decorated) bike or walk everywhere. Don't watch any TV. Make your … Read More

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How to Fur Your Burning Man Bike, How To Turn Your Bike Into a PlayaFly & other ArtBikes & ArtRides to go on! (via art predator)

Even if you’re not going to Burning Man, you can fur your bike and show it off at our monthly First Friday ArtRides in Ventura or around your own town!

How to Fur Your Burning Man Bike, How To Turn Your Bike Into a PlayaFly & other ArtBikes & ArtRides to go on! I just got a kick stand for my bike!! Now to put a tennis ball on the end so it doesn't sink into the playa! If you have some old tennis balls, hey, be a sport, and bring them–they'd make a great spontaneous gift! Now, what, where and when will we ride? I hope we get out there to join the Pink Ride shown in the video above: meet Wednesday noon at BatCountry 9:30 & Esplanade. And we're orga … Read More

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Bike to BOOM Festival in Portugal?

While you HAVE to have a bike at the Burning Man Festival to get around, no one in their right mind would suggest that you ride your bike there because it starts August 30 and is located in the Black Rock Desert nearly a hundred miles from Reno, Nevada.

However, organizers suggest you ride to the BOOM Festival, which some say is Portugal’s answer to Burning Man.

I would totally be down for that bike ride! Unfortunately, numerous logistical issues stand between me and that goal, with the most important one that BOOM starts tomorrow and I’m in California!

Whether you’re going to BOOM or Burning Man, or just riding around town, enjoy the rest of your summer.

And if you’re around this town Labor Day weekend, please join us for our next ArtRide “All the Freaky People” with an after party at Art City.

As always, a big shout out to the fine folks at Anacapa Brewery for their support!