Friday Night (Bike) Lights: 2 2Night + 1 July 1

Tonight’s Friday Night Lights offers two night rides in Ventura!


If you scurry, you can catch up with  RIDE #1 Ventura Critical Mass which meets 530pm last Friday of every month Mission Park in Downtown Ventura.

This ride usually heads toward midtown on Main and out toward the east end and back. It takes the streets, makes left turns into traffic, and instead of avoiding streets with congestion, embraces them! Stand up on your bike and be counted!

“Critical Mass is a bicycling event typically held on the last Friday of every month in over 300 cities around the world.The ride was originally founded in 1992 in San Francisco. The inspiration behind the ride was to create social space via the bicycle. In fact, the purpose of Critical Mass is not usually formalized beyond the direct action of meeting at a set location and time and traveling as a group through city or town streets on bikes.”

RIDE #2: The evening’s second ride also meets at Mission Park but at 7:30pm.

After some socializing, the ride will travel up Ventura Avenue, around downtown and midtown, and will end up at the Local Cafe for some food. Since the Local Cafe closes at 9pm, my guess is the ride will leave by 8pm and zip around quickly!

Next Friday July 1, please join us for FLOWER POWER! Here’s a link to info about the next ArtRide, Flower Power, a jpg and a pdf. Please help spread the word!

Flower Power! July 1 FFArtRide! Peace!

Peace! Love! Bell Bottoms! And Tie Dye!

All that and more on our Flower Powered ArtRide Friday July 1, 2011! It’s an Independence from Fossil Fuel Ride this Independence Day! So put on your Hippy Dippy best and join us this First Friday!

Meet: 530pm on the Ventura Beach Promenade by Aloha & the Artists Union Gallery

Ride: 6pm to art galleries & studios in downtown, midtown, and the Westside.

Party: Toward the end of the ride, we’ll swing by Art City then finish up at Up Front Gallery to see Claudia Pardo’s show and enjoy ourselves!

Also, Jewel is camping at the beach and suggests you join her there! Read more about it on the San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club Facebook page.

Free and Family friendly: as long as your youngsters are wearing helmets, has lights, and if under 8 is in a trailer or on a trailer bike, they are welcome! Ride at your own risk! Bring your own mug for drinks & money for food!

Please download the pdf here and help distribute the wonderful flyers made with love by Zanna!flower power 1-4

Next ArtRides: FFArtRide Aug 5 & Parade Ride Aug 6 — Freewheelin’ Farmers!


Ventura’s Full Moon Fun Rides Weds. June 15

Have you noticed that bright almost summer full moon?


Then you like me must be ensconced in June Gloom, aka the Catalina eddy, the marine layer caused by the Channel Islands that sinks us in deep damp fog for most of the summer while just a few miles inland people bake in the hot summer sun.

But sometimes we get lucky, like just the other night: the fog horn dies down, the marine layer peels away, and the moon and the stars grace our skies and tempt us to climb on our bikes for a summer adventure.

Whether it’s clear skies or gray, members of the Ventura Bicycle Union will ride the streets of the City tonight, the night of the full moon–and a total lunar eclipse! (It’s best seen in Madagascar, but hey, we can use our imaginations and feel the drama, can’t we?

This APOD Total Lunar Eclipse Over North Carolina is Credit & Copyrighted to: David Cortner. The site APOD explains the eclipse thus: our Moon will appear to disappear as seen “in a time lapse image captured in 2003 over North Carolina, USA. As the Earth moves between the Moon and the Sun, the Earth’s shadow fell on the moon, making it quite dark. In the above picture the Earth’s rotation, multiple exposures, and digital enhancements are used to create a time-lapse effect that dramatizes how the Moon looked as it faded out and re-appeared during the three hour lunar eclipse. As the Earth’s shadow engulfed the Moon, the lunar images became less and less bright, practically disappearing during totality. At this time, the Moon, which normally shines by reflecting direct sunlight, shone only by sunlight refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere. )

So bring your lights and meet up at Mission Park in downtown Ventura at Main and Figueroa. The ride will venture east to the college in the direction of the full moon then loop back all at a leisurely pace. People can join or leave at any desired location of the ride.

On June 16, according to my handy dandy Pacific Publishers Tide-Log, the sun sets at 8pm, it’s dark at 9pm, and while the moon may technically rise at 8:16pm, who knows when riders will actually see it peek up and over the coastal hillsides.

EVEN if YOU can’t go, please SHARE info about this ride with your friends!! And if you’re too far away to join OUR ride, get your own going in your home town!

Next First Friday ArtRides Dates & Themes:

July 1 Flower Power(no moon, new moon). After party at UpFront Gallery on Laurel.

August 5 Fresh off the Farm (fair ride! music by Pat Benatar! fireworks!)

September 2 Back to School

October 7 Gothtober (almost full moon rises at 4pm! and a meteor shower!)

November 4 (I forgot!)

December 2 Santacon

Meet 530pm on the Ventura Beach Promenade at California Street. Ride at 6pm to art galleries.

Ride at your own risk. Pimp your ride. Light your bike. Be safe. Bring your own mug for drinks; money comes in handy.

Be a Bicycle Saint: Help Survey TODAY!

Would you truly like to be a Bicycle Saint?

Well today is your anointed day!

Calling all bicycle saints to come out and ask your neighbors how their kids get to school –

Help get $1Million grant for Ventura Bicycle road repairs.

Today is the day we start putting our Bike Master Plan into action!  It’s Survey Day!

Today – Sunday, June 12 1:45pm
345 W. Center St

Call (805) 258-9369 if you can come.

**Please bring a water bottle. We have tons of really nice tea if you want to fill up.
**Please bring friends!  We need more feets on the streets.

Summer Solstice SantaCon & Seersucker Social ArtRide Tonight!

Have you figured out what to wear to tonight’s Summer Solstice Seersucker Social & SantaCon ArtRide?

Here are some of the seersucker separates I found: from our closets–a Betsey Johnson dress I got at a thrift store many years ago (now too small and up for borrowing!), three pairs of shorts (one pair from Patagonia–they have lots of seersucker this season!), a coat I bought on sale for my son a few years ago for a summer wedding and other dressy occasions. Plus an organic white shirt from the Stewart + Brown warehouse sale yesterday.

And here’s a jacket and capris I found at the thrift store in size 6. While tempted, I left it there for someone else to find.

Still puzzled about what to wear to a Seersucker Social? Think white, think summer, think tennis and tea. Or go the Santa route!

The San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club welcomes you to join us no matter how you are dressed! Come celebrate the arrival of summer at our Seersucker Social and SantaCon for the next First Friday ArtRide June 3!

Meet 5:30pm
Ventura Beach Promenade, Artists Union Gallery & Aloha Bar
330 So California St Ventura 93001

Ride 6pm
We’ll ride around downtown and the Westside and visit art galleries & studios.

We usually end up at Art City 197 Dubbers St. around 8:30pm. We might even play some night time croquet.

Here’s the seersucker -3 flyer to download and distribute. Many thanks to Zanna for helping with this!

Next ArtRide July 1: Flower Power!

Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Creative, Be Lit!

This is a great invention for bicycle lighting. Bright LED lights circle the rim of both tires in the example shown in the video. As the cyclist rolls slow, the lights are red; at cruising speed, the lights glow white.

If you ride at dawn or dusk or night, by law and by common sense, you must light your bike with head and tail lights. For fun and for safety, I strongly recommend additional lights on your bike.If you’re heading to the Burning Man Festival, remember that the desert is a dark and dangerous place and you must provide your own lights.

We require all ArtRiders to light their bikes with the legally required lights. If you’re an adult, the helmet choice is yours. But having lots of lights makes it safer for all of us.

See you on Friday for the Seersucker Social and Santacon! Costumes are optional-but lights are not!

PS Thanks to Helen for sharing this with me!