Santa Barbara Bike Moves Theme: Lord of the Chain Rings Th. 11/3/11

Santa Barbara Bike Moves writes:

“Cyclists of Middle Earth,

On November 3rd of the year two-thousand eleven come gather at the Hobbit Wheelhouse. From there we will embark on an epic journey through Middle Earth down to the Pier of Orodruin where we will battle the Dark Lord Sauron in a game of sumo. Will good triumph over evil?

And for those that want to strut the costume early and enjoy a little time on the water, come out for an awesome joint party with Bike Moves and Paddle Sports Halloween weekend for a noon paddle departing from the harbor to benefit “Save the Mermaids“. ”

I wish I could be there!

Yes, There Will Be More ArtRides

At the San Buenaventura ArtRiders & Social Club meeting last week, Daniel and Matt said they will ride very month regardless of whether anyone else joins them or not.

Others wondered whether the rides should be quarterly. Or daytime.

All agreed that dressing up is an important attraction and will continue to be a part of the ArtRides.

Various people stepped forward to volunteer and I stepped back from my role of doing just about all of it.

So for the time being, the ArtRides will go on! The next ArtRide has a Day of the Dead theme; Zanna made a fun flyer and others are taking on getting the word out. Download it and spread the love!

Future ArtRides? Decide Tonight

If you want the ArtRides to continue, step up then show up! Come to a potluck at 5:30 followed by a meeting MONDAY OCT 17, 2011 from 7-8pm to decide:

1) whether there should be future ArtRides, particularly First Friday Rides

2) how First Friday ArtRides might change so more attend (start later?)

3) whether there is interest in occasional weekend Rides (ie Santacon)

4) who is willing to take responsibility for various aspects of the Rides

5) what else you want to discuss

We will use the “council” or circle process to generate ideas and for problem solving. If you are unfamiliar with council, it is simple: we will go around in a circle in response to questions we will generate such as:

1) What do you like best about the ArtRides?

2) What ideas do you have for when, where, why, how to make them better and to increase participation?

3) What are you willing and able to contribute to keep the ArtRides going?

Why do we need to hold this meeting?

After organizing 40 or so ArtRides since December 2008, I am stepping down. While I enjoy the performance art and political theater elements of the ArtRides, I no longer desire to lead the monthly rides, organize and promote them.

I have asked for help before (in 2010 when Marsh broke his neck–Tracy tried to get people to help me then too to no avail–also in August I questioned whether we/I should quit doing them)–and the only person who has come forward is Zanna who took over making flyers back in June. Helen used to print and distribute posters but now she’s moved.

So if someone wants to take it over, or if we want to trade off being responsible for the various rides each month (organizing and promoting them), great–they’ll continue.

To clarify: some people assume I’m getting paid to do this. Nope. That would be great but I don’t foresee an organization or merchant stepping forward to sponsor it.

I imagine many of you joined the 200 member facebook group or subscribed to because you “love” the ArtRides: the concept, seeing us on the streets, at the galleries and studios. People often tell me they plan to join an ArtRide when in town or as soon as they have/fix their bike etc.

But on the last three rides we’ve only had about a dozen participants, the weather has been stellar, and the theme has been simple. More needs to be done to get the word out and I wonder what changes should be made so more can and will participate.

While I’ve really enjoyed doing the rides with you, it’s not working for me very well and I wonder if we should give up on making the rides “family-friendly.” It’s really hard for me to try to anticipate and meet everyone’s needs, including those of my family. I appreciate what it takes to make sure bikes, lights, costumes, kids are all a go.

Unless it is raining, we will meet outside; please wear and bring layers. We’ll start a movie for kids by 7pm so that parents in attendance can focus. We will close council at 8pm. Marshall’s 50th birthday is Sunday; there will be cake.

Please RSVP by email to, on the facebook, event page: ArtRiders Meeting.


Gwendolyn aka biker-go-gal (and Marshall and Reed Sheridan)

Gothtober Quidditch ArtRide Report & Photos

Last night we had a small but enthusiastic turnout for the Gothtober Quidditch ArtRide.

We had a few hoodlums, ghouls, wizards, witches and plenty of students and faculty from Hogwarts School.

(Here’s a link to my fav FUN photo of the night!)

I went as the Hogwart’s Mistress of Spells–from my blue dress you can tell that I am with Ravenclaw house–that’s my husband Marsh Dumbledore with his moth open wearing a Gryffindor tie.

I’m sorry I didn’t get any better pictures of my outfit or of my bicycle which had a GIANT spider on the back with flashing EL wire and a raven with red glowing eyes in my bicycle basket which was ringed in orange EL wire and a black scarf with a glowing box inside!

We gathered as usual at the

Artists Union


rode at sunset along the new beach bike path to the Ventura River Trail and Main Street…

lapped Main…

stopped at Red Brick Gallery…

cruised up to Vita and Bell Arts where we hung out there for a long time–Reed Weasley and Mullet Potter even sat down for a photo op on the couches there!–

enjoying the art and dancing to the live band in the Community Room –we should have stayed there dancing longer! We were having a blast!

Art highlights for us were Claudia Pardo’s must see show at Vita and the album cover show at Bell Arts Tool Room Gallery which is so good and affordable that DJ Jeremy bought one of them!

Nothing was happening at 643 Project Space, so we went up Main again and dispersed for an early night.

Photos 1, 2, 4 at the Promenade by Gwendolyn Alley aka Bikergo Gal; the rest of the photos are by Daniel Boggs aka H Potter with a mullet.

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Gothtober Quidditch Ride & other bike news

First Friday ArtRide “Gothtober”

Let’s show those Muggles how we roll! Pictured is Daniel on his broom bike–he’d fit right in at the Gryffindor table at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Meet 5:30pm
Ventura Beach Promenade and CA Street. Ride 6pmto Art Galleries & StudiosJoin the fun! Wear your best Hogwarts / Goth attire!
Family Friendly * Free * Pimp & Light Your Ride

The San Buenaventura Bicycle & Social Club invite you to a game of Quidditch and ride to Art Shows and Studios in Downtown Ventura. For more information visit

VBU Bike Rodeo Meeting Tue,  Oct 11 7:00pm – 9:00pm
345 W. Center St.
, Ventura  (It’s a house, so we’re looking for a better location.)
– Our very first Meeting in preparation for our 6th annual VCCool Kids’ Bicycle Safety Rodeo, May 2013.
If you were involved, we hope to see you! Newcomers totally welcome too! There’s lots to do.

?Full Moon Bike Ride maybe? Wed, Oct 12
A local cyclist’s fun event – bike at your own risk, and bring lights!

Not a confirmed event: stay tuned–Downtown Ventura Mission Park

VBU Monthly Meeting Thu, Oct 13- Bicycle Advocacy meeting. 7:00pm – 9:00pm
345 W. Center St., Ventura
(It’s a house – so we’re looking for a new location.)
You can also check out our calendar at !

Gothtober Tonight: Bike Moves Ride in Santa Barbara, Bike Union Meets in Ventura

My, what big gear teeth you have!

Bring your riding hood to the WheelHouse in Santa Barbara tonight Thursday Oct 6 at 7:30 for an exciting little red ride through the downtown forests and out to the pier for a deceptive bout of bike sumo. (Note: they don’t actually get very far until about 8pm…)

Please come to “Jill’s Place” (632 Santa Barbara St.) after the ride for some quality hang out time with Grandma. Jill’s is doing Burger and Draft beer for $10 plus before the ride they will have happy hour pricing of $5 house wine, well cocktails and apps and $4 draft beer. Jill’s Place is making a gracious donation to the Spanish outreach mobile bike mechanic in hopes Sergio can make a quick recovery from his knee injury.

The fun of Bike Moves is fueled by Santa Barbara for Santa Barbara. Bike Moves is your ride, your event. Tell Bike Moves about your ideas. Show Bike Moves a new game. Bring Bike Moves food and refreshments. Tell Bike Moves you want something to change. Tell Bike Moves you want to volunteer. Send something to, bring something to the ride, and talk to someone about your ideas. Wheelhouse, Bici Centro, Art from Scrap, fellow Bike Movers all are there to help.

Not in the mood for a ride? Does your bicycle need some work? The Ventura Bicycle Union’s Bike Co-op Planning Meeting and potluck is also tonight.

Thursday, Oct 6 

6:30-7:30pm = Clinic in the garage around the back. (bring stands, tools, and/or a bike if you can)
7:30-9:00pm = Meet, Strategize & Potluck. (Bring food if you have time. There will be a pot of beans too.)

345 W. Center St., Ventura

And remember tomorrow is the Gothtober Quidditch Ride! Let’s show those muggles how we roll!