April Fools! Join us Friday for an ArtRide!

We’re just a bunch of biking riding fools off to celebrate the passing of the Ventura Bicycle Master Plan at the March 21 City Council meeting and out to enjoy the beautiful spring evening by riding to various sites in the city!

Pictured is Nigel Chisholm, proprietor of the Jester in Ojai who graced one of this month’s ArtRide posters. Thanks Nigel! And thanks Daniel Boggs for taking the photos! (Note–they are on bikes INSIDE the Jester!)

So put your fools cap on your helmeted head, something wild and sparkly on your body, and join us at 5:30pm where C St meets the sea! We’ll be gathered along the Ventura Beach Promenade or at the nearby Artists Union Gallery (or possibly in the bar at Aloha Steakhouse!)

We’ll ride off into the sunset about 6pm along the beach promenade before cruising up Figueroa to the WAV then up and down Main a time or two with a stop at Photon Gallery on 522 Santa Clara at California.

From there we’ll take Main to Ventura Ave to visit Bell Arts then Project 643.

Bring money to pick up some streetside tacos to enjoy at our final stop, Art City 197 Dubbers, where we will relax and enjoy some films from the archive of Steve Aguilar. There may even be some beer from Anacapa (thanks Anacapa!) so bring your mug and money to donate to Art City!

Is this too risque for our next ArtRide poster?

titter by brownstone_cookie
titter, a photo by brownstone_cookie on Flickr.

Think this image is too risque for our next ArtRide poster? The theme is 50s Dance Party…what about calling it the Greaser’s Bicycle Ball?

Please post in the comments–no or go!

I would LOVE to have some help with making flyers and distributing them! Any volunteers?

Jesters & clowns! Join the April Fools Ride!

The San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club Presents
First Friday ArtRide

Fools Ride
April 1, 2011

Meet Artists Union Gallery, 330 S. CA St & Ventura Beach Promenade

Ride around downtown & the westside to see art!

Art City After Party! with films by Steve Aguilar!

Tell your friends! Download the pdf flyer here: FoolFFArtRide11

First Friday ArtRides Are:

* Free * Family Friendly * 8 & under need to be on trailer bikes
* Light your bike * Pimp Your Ride * Dress Up
* Bring your mug & money * Special thanks to Anacapa Brewery
* Ride at your own risk! ArtRide every First Friday!

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April 1 April Fools
May 50s Dance Party
June Santacon (?)
July Seer Sucker Social
August Pirates Ride
September ?? ideas?
October Gothtober
November ?? ideas?
December Santacon

What’s our purpose? Learn more:
https://bikergogal.wordpress.com & http://artpredator.wordpress.com
Please join us on facebook: San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club

Ventura Master Bike Plan Passes! Now What?

Ventura Bike Union leader Rachel Morris says, we rocked the house Monday night! And I agree!

Here she is at the meeting and next is the Ventura City Council discussing the plan before it unanimously passed the Ventura Bicycle Master Plan which includes input from three years of VBU effort, as well as every item on our 27 point addendum with the exception of lights at Leighton and Warner on Ventura Avenue.

The story was covered by the local press in these three articles–so far!

Ventura to become more bicycle-friendly

Ventura master bike plan hits high gear

Ventura commits to improving bicycling in the city

What made this victory possible? Here are some reasons: Read the rest of this entry »

Ventura City Council Votes FOR Bicycle Master Plan

Last night’s Ventura City Council meeting was packed with cyclists. Over 150 cyclists and community members attended to show their support for the Bicycle Master Plan. Out of dozens of emails received by the Council, only one was negative and it was because of fiscal issues. About a dozen testified for the Plan and many more turned in comment cards in support of it.

Council Member Morehouse brought in a motion to accept the plan. After a brief discussion by Council members where Andrews and Tracy again brought up (in my opinion unwarranted and unsubstantiated) fiscal concerns and information, and Weir worried about cyclists and roundabouts, the Council voted to accept the plan with an addendum from Brian Brennan that progress about the Plan’s goals come before Council again next year.


Ventura Bicycle Union Support of the Ventura Bike Plan & Why: Tonight Show YOURS!

After countless hours of discussion, review, letters and more, the Ventura Bicycle Union has determined the new Ventura Bicycle Master Plan is excellent. In fact, it’s a document that could help turn this city around and have a huge impact on the numbers of people that actually use a bicycle for transportation. Prioritization criteria was included, VBU key projects are on the list, and excellent sections about traffic lights, bike boxes, a bicycle coordinator, and more are included.

To help ensure the passage of the Bicycle Master Plan and funding of various projects to increase safety for cyclists in Ventura, we need to show very strong support at tonight’s Ventura City Council meeting!

You don’t have to speak – you just need to be there to stand up in support of safe streets for cyclists when VBU calls for your show of support. Please be there!

Read the letter of support from VCCool (www.vccool.org) and the VBU below:

Read the rest of this entry »

Cyclists: We need you at the Ventura City Council Meeting 3/21 re Master Bike Plan!


Almost every item of the Ventura Bicycle Union’s 28 point addendum to the Ventura Bicycle Master Plan has been adopted! According to the VBU’s Rachel Morris, “The Plan” has become a strong, thorough document for  bicycle transportation for the next five years!  Read more about the master bike plan here:  “Ventura to Become More Bike Friendly” in the VC Reporter from last Thursday’s issue (3/17/2011.)

Tomorrow night, Monday March 21, City Transportation Manager Tom Merical will present the plan to the Ventura City Council so please, everyone, come this Monday night to the Ventura City Council hearing to support safe roads for bicyclists, and Ventura’s new Bicycle Master Plan!

At 5:30 pm, bring your questions to  a VBU pre-meeting at City Hall before the 6:00 pm City Council Meeting at Ventura City Hall (501 W. Poli, Ventura, CA  93002) in Council Chambers on the second floor at the top of the main double stairway.

The plan is agenda item number 10 but Mayor Fulton says if the group is large enough, he will move that agenda item earlier so try to get there by 6:00 if you can.

Having a large group of bicycle advocates is important to making Ventura safer for all to ride. If you wear your helmet, it will be clearer to everyone who we are and why we’re there at the meeting.

If you plan to speak, figure out what you’re going to say in advance and practice your 3 minute speech! Fill out a green speaker card when you get there. Please contact Rachel Morris to let her know your topic and what part of town you live. Otherwise, be sure to fill out a pink comment card. Rachel will ask people to stand in solidarity for safe streets for bicyclists. So they’ll KNOW we’re there.

You can also send City Council an e-mail about why safe roads for bicyclists is important to YOU! Be sure to send it by 4:30 pm Monday night. This is great – but it’s not a substitute for showing up in the flesh.

Find out more about the VBU and VCCool: www.vccool.org VCCool is a Ventura County global warming action group. Our mission is to engage all people of Ventura County in promoting a healthy climate.