T Rex Rides A Bicycle! (via Red Rex)

This is from my son Reed’s blog. I found this photo and he loved it so much he wanted to share it and blog about it!

Interested in a Gothtober ArtRide? We may be doing one! Details soon!

T Rex Rides A Bicycle! I like this picture because it is so funny! I can't believe how funny it is! My mom thinks it's funny too! Don't you want to laugh when you see this? I think it's so funny because it's just so funny! I would really like to see a real T Rex on a bicycle! That would be soooooo funny! Find it here: <img src="http://imgur.com/unplB.jpg&quot; alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /> … Read More

via Red Rex

Gothtober Ride in LA Oct 20! Ventura Oct 30?

The Free Radicals, aka Jen Hofer & Rob Ray, enthusiastically invite you to take to the streets for the first-ever incarnation of our 2010 Gothtober Bike Ride, culminating at the Triple Chicken Foot foot-stomp and Square Dance at CraftNight — it’s the most fun a square can have!

¡A Spin of the Wheel!
a musically-inspired chance operation bicycle expedition

Meet at Union Station, front entrance
8pm Wednesday October 20
RAIN or SHINE • This ride is FREE!
This ride will end at CraftNight at the auspicious Akbar
Tunes by 12 local and non-local bands will inspire this bicycle adventure:
explore and enjoy the city!

No need to bring anything other than yourself and your friends —
all riders welcome!!

More info, ride instructions and downloadable Spin of the Wheel deck of spoke cards on DAY 20 at www.gothtober.com

At least, go see the website, listen to some great tunes, and more fun than you can howl at on a moonlit night!

Shall we do a Gothtober ArtRide here in Ventura on Saturday Oct 30? Who’s in??

10/10/10: A Day of Action & CicLAvia take to the streets!

On Sunday 10/10/10 take action!

Bill McKibben of 350.org says: “With your help, 10/10/10 is going to be the biggest day of practical action to cut carbon that the world has ever seen. We’re calling it “A Day to Celebrate Climate Solutions”–together we’ll get to work in our communities on projects that can cut carbon and build the clean energy future.

But we won’t stop there–we’ll be using the day to pressure our leaders to Get To Work themselves by  passing strong climate policies promoting clean energy and reducing emissions. Thousands of people around the world have already registered their plans, including bike repair workshoppers in San Francisco, school insulating teams in London, waste-land-to-veggies-gardeners in  New Zealand, and solar panel installers in Kenya. Check out the map, or click here to register a Work Party in your community.”

Here in Ventura, VCCOOL will be doing a piece of political theater on Main Street at 2pm in the mid-afternoon. To participate, wear a hardhat or a cowboy hat and look for a wheelbarrow rolling down Main.

In Los Angeles, the first CicLAvia will take place 10/10/10, under the leadership of Bobby Gadda with whom I shared the EcoSalon stage at last Saturday’s LA Decompression. He rode his tall bike there and showed people how to get on and off it. He swears a tall bike is a much safer way to get around in traffic but to me it seems terrifying–what do you do at a red light? Hold onto a car or a bus stop?

Anyway, on 10/10/10, CicLAvia will shut down seven miles of streets in LA, make them car free from 10am-3pm, and turn them into a “re-imagined, re-invented public space.”. Friends in the Bay Area have been enjoying similar events for months now and swear that it is a “gas” and especially fun for families. The event began in Bogota 30 years ago; now every Sunday streets are closed for people to enjoy. Read more about cicLAvia in this LA Times article–that’s also where the photo of Bobby Gadda on his tall bike came from: In the heart of L.A., wide open spaces, courtesy of CicLAvia – latimes.com.

Ride to Burning Man 2010 LA Decompression EcoSalon!

This year’s LA Decompression offers plenty for cyclists and green types–and 8 stages of entertainment for all ages!!

In addition to an interactive EcoSalon to discuss green topics, Midnight Ridazz is leading a ride there!

After all, if Black Rock City’s Metropolis can be car free, why can’t we do this at home?

Here’s the line-up for the EcoSalon:

1:30-2:15 Bobby Gadda and Gwendolyn Alley

Car Free in BRC – Why not LA?
2:15-3 Karen Neal, Joan Stevens,  Eric Werbalowsky, Marialyce Pedersen and Natalie Freidberg Eat Your Yard – Homesteading in the City
3-3:45 Allan Lee Haskell

DIY Graywater
3:45-4:40 Mark Lakeman and Camille Cimino City Repair – lessons from Portland and local inspiration
4:40-5:30 Francis DellaVecchia Joyful Activist Playshop
5:30-6 Eric Werbalowsky and Joan Stevens (and special guests) Permaculture Revolution – a how-to –  and Community Dialogue:

action steps to create a sustainable home, neighborhood, and city

7:15-7:30 Blues Traveler and the Midnight Ridazz

Bike Bling Awards

7:15-8 Greg Wendt Sustainable Wealth
8-9 Geofrey Collins Community Architecture


Here are some more fun interactive ways you can participate in LA Decompression plus details of the RIDE! Read the rest of this entry »