Here’s the Perfect Bike to Work Week Bike: It’s ready for Happy Hour!

bikebarJust in time for Bike to Work Week this week is this fabulous Wine to Work Bike!

And it’s especially just in time for me because I just fell off my bike when the seat came off of my wonderful Bikergo and recently the bike basket came off! Okay, I know these are easy repairs and yes it’s just an excuse for another bike!

But isn’t this one perfect for a wine blogging Wine Predator like me? Or maybe you?


Maybe you’re handy with tools and can make one for yourself now that you’ve got the idea, but if you want one custom made, this one came from  Fat Kitty Cycles, an employee owned and operated shop in Boulder, CO which offers a mix of new, used, reused, and consignment bicycle sales.

According to the owners, Fat Kitty Cycles is “Boulder’s newest and most funnest bike shop, featuring new and used bikes, parts, accessories, service, and classes!” They can also fix up that old bike in the garage with some love to make it last another ten years and make it Bike to Work Week or wine country ready! infographic-mar-april-final-1

Did you know that more than half of the U.S. population lives within five miles of their workplace, making bicycling a feasible, fun way to get to work? Walking and biking are healthy, sustainable and economic transportation options; see this article about active transportation cutting back on obesity and diabetes. This week is the perfect time to break out your bike, ride to work, and celebrate after with a little vino!

Look for Bike to Work Week events around your town –or make one happen! Bike to Work Day is Friday May 16 and many communities sponsor breakfasts and bike clinics for cyclists.

Well, I need to fix my bike seat so I can ride it to work–it’s finals week too and I have more conferences with students before I go pick my son up at school so we can ride home together!

Happy cycling!


At Burning Man’s Radical Experiment in Alt Transportation, you gotta have a bike

As I’m gearing up to go to Burning Man this year, my biggest question is not how I’m going to get there, but how I’m going to get around once I’m there.

You see, I’m going to be out there by myself with our 7 year old, and I’m going to be working almost 40 hours from Sunday to Sunday taking care of the toddler son of a staff member.

That means I need to decide whether I bring my bikergo (which I LOVE but does NOT travel well), whether my son bring his bikergo (see previous comment). AND I need to figure out how we’re all going to get around days with three of us and nights with two of us– whether we’re bringing a trailerbike, a bike trailer, a bike seat etc.

Why am I so concerned about having bicycle transportation? Read on for why!

If you’re going, what are you doing transportation-wise on the playa?

Read on for tips from a veteran burner.

Burning Man's Radical Experiment in Alt Transportation: you gotta have a bike It’s hard to imagine how someone could make attending Burning Man a carbon neutral experience, but I’ll say one thing for sure: people use alternative transportation while there. Mostly people get around Black Rock City on their own power: by bicycle and by foot. They also get around by hitching rides on motorized sofas and artcars and various other moving objects. But mostly? People ride bicycles. Some are basic. Some are outlandish. My friend M … Read More

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Pink Panther ArtRides Yet Again–Thanks to photos by Lis J. Schwitters!

A highlight once again of the ArtRide for me was the stop at Photon Gallery, a relatively new space located on the corner of Santa Clara and California. Owner Peter Duffy is doing BIG things in a small space. The quality of the art is very high plus he sees the First Friday gallery events as an opportunity to throw a great party with music, food and wine–this time some tasty and affordable Spanish wines poured by Wine Rack’s Seana.

The show in Bell Arts Vita Center was also a highlight– hauntingly beautiful images by Hungarian illustrator Alex Juhasz.

Somehow none of us on the ArtRide took any pictures; fortunately photographer extrodinaire Lis J Schwitters snapped some shots of a a few of us before we rode off from Bell Arts.

I do wish that we’d taken some of my son–he looked so cute in his red Levis, red cowboy boots, red coat, pink shirt, pink tail and pink ears!

At  our next stop, Art City, we  enjoyed the fire and the music and checked out Dept’s new art space–he’s hosting music and art events there on the last Saturday of each month. Art City is off Olive and Rex on Dubbers over by the Venturato check out Dept’s new art space–he’s hosting music and art events there on the last Saturday of each month, and we’re planning for our April Fools after party to be there.

Our final stop of the night was at the El Jardin Courtyard where we were hosted by Love Fox and Kama Sutra,  royally entertained by singer’songwriter/guitarist Matthew,  fed cupcakes from  the neighboring shop, Anacapa graciously sent over some growlers of beer (thanks Danny!) and several of us brought over food from Anacapa to enjoy in the courtyard. Many of us stayed up way past our bedtimes getting to know the wares and relaxing at Kama Sutra. I highly recommend the candle/massage oil! Heavenly scent and sent!

Next time you’re over at El Jardin, be sure to check out Love Fox Vintage and then climb the stairs up to see what’s there at Kama Sutra. I’m hanging some of my paintings in the hall–they’ll be up for the next ArtRide Leprechauns and Tweed March 4 with an after party at Bell Arts.

Photos & report from Ventucky Vice ArtRide on my bikergo!

What a glorious day! Perfect summer weather for a Ventucky Vice ArtRide on my bikergo along the beach and the streets of Ventura!

Here we are, decked out as the Ventucky Vice squad, a group shot on the Ventura Beach Promenade with the Pier in the background. Check out my 6″ platform shoes–that match my bikergo!

For the July ride, our squad ranged from 20-35, as people came and went along the route.

We started at the Artists Union, as usual, meeting up there at 530pm and rolling along the promenade a little after 6pm.

We stopped at the Ventura River Bike path for a photo opp; do you see the palm tree on the back of my bikergo? It plays two songs and lights on the tree dance in time to the music…

From the Ventura River bike path, we turned onto Main where we dismounted to see the student art exhibit at CSUCI. We cruised up Main past Winchesters and Bernadettes, then rolled back down Main to stop at Love Fox to see Winston’s drawings and to enjoy his light lemony home-made hummous. Just in case you didn’t know, Winston did the logo for the Ventura Bicycle Union. There are several new shops these days in the El Jardin courtyard and we look forward to riding over there another day for a visit!

Next we went south on Ventura Avenue to visit the WAV, then north to Bell Arts Factory where we lost ourselves in fine art of all stripes. Yes, it’s an easy, flat ride with plenty of stops!

Our final stop was Art City where Art Ciizens had an art show plus a spread of snacks. Thanks to Anacapa for the donation of 8 growlers of beer including a porter, a new golden ale, and a red. The fire and the evening roared on but my feet gave out first and said it was time to ride home.

Thanks to Daniel Bogg and my iPhone for ArtRide photos! More and different ones will be up in a moment over at Art Predator; I’ll add more here as people send them to me!

Save the dates: August 6 First Friday ArtRide; August 7 County Fair ArtRide.

Ventucky Vice First Friday ArtRide Takes To The Streets & Ends at Art City to Celebrate Independence! (via art predator)

It’s gonna be fun & you should join us! Just wait until you see my hot pink 6″ high wedgie sandles which match my hot pink bikergo! Will post Ventucky Vice ArtRide photos as soon as I can!

Ventucky Vice First Friday ArtRide Takes To The Streets & Ends at Art City to Celebrate Independence! Looking to get in on the Ventucky Vice ArtRide tonight? 530pm Meet at the Artists Union Gallery 330 S. California St. 6pm Ride along the promenade and the river trail to Main Stops will include Bell Arts Factory 432 N. Ventura Avenue to see new work by Claudia Pardo McFayden like the beautiful painting pictured and to Love Fox Vintage Clothes on Main in the El Jardin Courtyard to see cyclist Winston Braun’s art and cyclist Benicia’s new shop! Joi … Read More

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A Few iPhone Photos from June’s ArtRide “Get Lei’d”

June’s First Friday ArtRide with the San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club had a smaller than usual turnout but we had fun anyway and finished up the evening with beers and food at Anacapa Brewery which gave anyone with a lei a generous discount.

Do you see it there on the back of my pink bikergo, between me in pink and purple and the small boy in the grass skirt?

Upcoming Themes
July 2: Ventucky Vice
August 6: Western Nights & Carnival Lights

How To Prepare Your Wedding Dress for the Brides Ride March 5

Learn how to convert your thrift store prize into a Brides Ride ready fashion statement that you can wear on March 5 First Friday ArtRide aka the Brides of March Brides Ride.

It takes only two easy steps to hack your thrift store find into shape–your shape! Keep in mind you’ll be on a bicycle so you might want to hack it shorter unless you have a chainguard like I do on my bikergo.

The 12th Annual Brides of March in San Francisco takes place in 2010 on March 13. LA will hold a Brides of March as will other major centers of cultural cacophony like Portland and Austin.

Hold a Brides of March in a City near you! All you need is another bride and a bottle of champagne and it quickly becomes cacophonous!

Once you’ve got your dress on and your bike ready (remember lights!), join us from 5-5:30pm at Ventura’s City Hall with champagne in your basket! From City Hall, we’ll ride down California Street to the ocean for photos and drinks at Aloha and to visit the Artists Union Gallery. At 6pm, we’ll take a romantic jaunt along the sea on the Ventura Promenade and the bicycle path along the Ventura River, then we’ll ride up and down Main visiting galleries and ending up at Bell Arts Factory 432 N. Ventura Avenue for the reception with food and beer by Anacapa. Bring your own cup and money to donate to the bride and groom!

Happy Velotines Day 2010 from bikergo gal

Have a Happy Valentines Day! I hope you can go for a bike ride with your sweetheart!

My sweetie can’t ride with me this year, but I will try to go for a ride with our son on his new seafoam green bikergo!

Here are some suggestions of other ways to go “green” this Valentine’s Day:

10 Ways  To Green Your Valentine’s Day Part 1
10 Ways To Green Your Valentine’s Day Part 2

Tweed Ride Rolls On In The Rain: Our Route

The Tweed Ride today and Tweed 2 tomorrow will roll even in the rain!

One word for riding in the rain: fenders! I just wish my bikergo had them but inventer Sascher is still working on them!

Meet 5:30pm Ventura Beach Promenade at California Street.

Start our First Friday ArtRide with a visit to the Artists Union Gallery.

Ride off into the sunset about 6pm. Your bike needs lights for this ride! Rain will determine our route.

If it’s not pouring, we’ll take the beach bike path around Surfer’s Point and along the Ventura River to Main. We’ll turn left at Ventura Avenue to visit a swarm of westside galleries if the weather holds.

If it’s raining, we’ll go straight to Bell Arts for “No War Stories – A Soldier Returns to Vietnam” with Moses Mora who will share his perceptions of the country forty years after he was there as a soldier as it is today, post war – a place of peace, progress and development  with photos of Vietnam on display by Raya Hayes-Mora.

Also near Bell Arts is VITA ART CENTER showing “The Games People Play” featuring work by Jennifer Guernsey, Amy Schneider, & Jill Shanbrom who produced a series of collaborative works, each piece based on a childhood game.

From the Westside, we’ll ride back to Main which we will cruise with possible stops at Red Brick and CSUCI galleries, then roll up Main to Ash where those of us who will cycle in Saturday night’s “Saints and Sinners” Fashion and Variety Show will rehearse for our part.

Next we’ll ride to the galleries on Laurel where we will enjoy beer from Anacapa Brewery (bring money to donate and your own cup please!), to hear Dew Wat’s Rite, and attend the closing reception at the Laurel Gallery for A Month with the Karen: A People’s Struggle Told Through the Eyes of a Missionary Photographs by Gordon Griffith.

On the way over there, some of us will stop at Mackenzie’s to pick up fish tacos and other culinary delights–there may even be 2 for 1 or other discounts for those who show in TWEED!

what color bikergo do you like best?

Last year at Burning Man my son’s Trek bike went on its last ride: the pedal broke and it just didn’t make sense for us to fix it when he was due for a new, bigger, geared bike. He’d had this one for nearly 3 years–from age 3 to almost 6.

Of course a month later when I came home with a pink bikergo, he wanted one. But bikergo do not come cheap: the parts are high-end–kevlar tires, chain guard, 9 speed grip shift, great design, original cushy seat, and more.

On the otherhand, since on a bikergo the seat and the handlebars are adjustable, the bike would grow with him–he woudn’t need another bike for a number of years.

We did test ride a number of bikes and he found one he liked at Open Air. Given a choice of that bike right away at Christmas, or waiting for a bikergo, he chose to be patient.

Well, I hate to say it, but here it is February and my son is still being patient. Very patient. If anything, I’m the impatient one–I want to go for bike rides with him like we used to and the trailabike hook-up isn’t on my bike!!

We did spend some time trying to figure out what color he wants for his bikergo and his grips. If you go to the bikergo site, you’ll see the bike comes in mango yellow, sky blue, teal green (pictured), and hot pink. Pink was obviously out. And since the bikergo doesn’t come in red, he went for his second favorite color, green, even though he really admired the sunny golden yellow hue of the mango bike. His grips he wants in a pattern: green on each end with blue then yellow then one green in the middle.

Just writing this makes me want to jump in the old westfalia and drive on up there to finally get him his bike!