bikergo gal applies for TEDWomen in DC

I help women get out of their cars and onto their bicycles to improve their health AND the health of our planet. I want women to see that cycling is fun, safe and family friendly, that bicycles can be comfortable, easy to operate, and carry children as well as groceries.  In my regular mom’s body, without fancy clothes or gear, I show women how it’s done. I’d like to bring my bike and share photographs of the rides I lead to spread the word of women led and organized bike rides.

Those are the 100 characters where I describe my “Big Idea” in my application to speak at TEDWomen’s conference in Washington DC Dec. 7 and 8; organizers are offering an all-expense paid chance to attend.

While I’d love to attend and participate, if I’m not selected, writing my application was a great exercise into putting what I’m doing and why into words.

5 Comments on “bikergo gal applies for TEDWomen in DC”

  1. John Leamer says:

    Congratulations! It’s a wonderful 100 word ap! I’m confident you will be selected! Meanwhile we hope to see your group at WAV this First Friday…we’ll have apple cider waiting for you if you let us know you’re coming!

    John @ WAV

  2. Thanks, John! And thank you for the invitation and the apple cider offer–we love going to WAV! (Will the cider be hot?)

    See you Friday!

  3. Christine Bourgeois says:

    Great work and good luck!
    When you get a chance, please come to SB Bike Moves (1st Thursday of each month). A lot of fun!!!

    Thanks for riding your bike!
    Education Coordinator for the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition & Bici Centro

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