Ride for your lives!! 1/5 Ride in SB, Meet in Ventura; 1/6 FFArtRide Gets Colorful!

The weather in SoCal is in the 70s & 80s–so get your RIDE ON!!

Tonight, ride for your lives!—the zombie apocalypse is upon us! Attention all you Dead, Living and Un-Dead Bicyclists, join the mob of zombies down at the Wheelhouse TONIGHT Thursday at 7:30pm.

We will swarm State Street feasting on human flesh as we make our way down to the pier. Bike sumo will be a gory battle of thrill and terror…Refreshments of human blood and brains will be served after the ride at ‘The Roadhouse’  202 State St.

Also meeting tonight, Thurs Jan 5, the  Ventura HUB – Tool-share and Bike Education Collective Planning and Potluck 6:30pm-8:30pm, 345 W. Center St., Ventura CA

Have you signed the petition for more funds for safe streets for bikes? Please send it to bicycle groups that you know. We only need 4801 more signatures! Also, thank you for the generous donations. Please feel free to contribute if you haven’t yet.

Come join the fun in Ventura! Friday, January 6 is the COLORS First Friday ArtRide! The San Buenaventura ArtRiders Bicycle & Social Club invites you to meet up at the promenade Artist Union Gallery at 5:30pm; depart at 6:15! Brighten up Ventura with your colorful self led by Bratt and Jewel!

2 Comments on “Ride for your lives!! 1/5 Ride in SB, Meet in Ventura; 1/6 FFArtRide Gets Colorful!”

  1. […] Gwen’s rainbow mane and garb matched Vonder’s art – as Ventura’s monthly ArtRide got wildly colorful.  Just another great night at Bell Arts […]

  2. Daniel says:

    What’s the theme for First Friday February?

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